Tony Romo Hoax

flag-bearers_in_cowboy_hats_whip_up_enthusiasm_in_the_crowd_with_a_brisk_run_with_flags_displaying_the_dallas_cowboys_lone-star_emblem_at_the_cowboys_home_field_att_stadium_in_arlington_texas_lccnDespite press conference, Tony Romo will Start at Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in coming weeks.

Chip readers for debit and credit cards are a waste of time. A big ass waste of time. Instead of customers’ swiping there card and having the machine read it so, they can complete their purchase in a timely manner, they now have to wait.

Customers’ used to be able to pay for item’s at a store by swiping there card. The machine would then reads the card quickly and instantly respond to the prompt answers. It is the most convenient way for customers’ to make payments. Now however, if customers’ have a chip on there card, they must use the chip reader.

Customers’ insert the chip side of the card into the machine. Then wait for the machine to read the card. Debit or credit? Then they wait some more. Cash back? Then they wait some more. Pin number? Then they wait some more. Approved. Now wait for a receipt to print.

Is this a ploy to get people to interact? Maybe the powers want the customers to be less hostile to the customer service representative at the store. The chip is a waste of time.

Chip reader’s can be found all over AT & T stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. It is fitting that chip readers are at AT & T stadium where the Cowboy waste time coming up with ploys.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s press conference on Tuesday.  Romo held the press conference to publicly support his teammate and quarterback Dakota Prescott. Was this a ploy?

The attending press as well as the people watching at home, wasted a good portion of their day on this nonsense.

“We all know something magical is happening to our team. I’m not going to allow this situation to negatively affect Dak or this football team by becoming a constant distraction. I think Dak knows that I have his back. And I think I know that he has mine.”

Romo addressed the rhetoric on sports T.V. shows, radio and newspapers, by reading a statement. The rhetoric, that is largely being pushed by the team owner Jerry Jones, is that when Romo is completely healthy, he will be inserted into the starting line-up.

Romo injured his back during a preseason game 10 weeks ago.

Dak_prescott_2016.jpgRomo did the right thing by publicly supporting Prescott. The Cowboys have the best record in the NFC and last weak defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Romo doesn’t want to be a distraction when he is the back-up quarterback Sunday, when the Cowboys play the Baltimore Ravens.

“He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right. He’s guided our team to an 8-1 record, and that’s hard to do,” Romo said about Dak.

Please don’t fall for any of this. Romo’s press conference was a sham and he is purposely misleading the public about the quarterback situation with the Cowboys.

For starters, the Cowboys have seven games left to play this season. While Prescott has played stellar through the first nine, that doesn’t guarantee his stellar play will continue. The Cowboys are in position to make the playoffs and potential have a first round bye.

Romo has led the Cowboys to the playoffs three times since 2006, when he was named the starter.

So even though Prescott has already accomplished a lot, the season is not over. If Prescott begins to struggle and put the playoffs and the first round bye in jeopardy, are the Cowboys going to stick with him? Of course not.

Romo is not stepping aside. What he meant to say was he isn’t going to lobby to the Cowboys brass after a win like he did last week, for a the starting job. 

Would Romo have read that statement after a loss? If the Cowboys were 7-2 or 6-3, would Romo have supported Prescott after a win? Probably not. There is a lot at stake for the Cowboys. If the winning stops, the lobbying will start.

Another reason why no one should believe Romo, is he knows how limited Prescott is.

Prescott is a better version of Tim Tebow as a quarterback. The similarities are obvious between Prescott and Tebow. Both thrived in college under Dan Mullen’s offensive system.

Dak_Prescott_20151105.pngMullen, who is the head coach at Mississippi State, was the offensive coordinator at Florida when Tebow was the starting quarterback.

Early success in their NFL careers is another similarity between Tebow and Prescott. Tebow, during his second year in the NFL, became the starting quarterback for the struggling Denver Broncos and helped them reached the playoffs.

Both seem to have a unique leadership ability. Prescott and Tebow attitudes make their teammates play harder and smarter.

Prescott passing abilities make them different. Prescott is an efficient passer, something Tebow never was. Tebow was an effective passer, Prescott is both. Prescott passing keeps the offense on schedule. Cowboys have a 47 percent success rate on third down because the Cowboys have a short distance to tavel for a first down (ranked 4th best in the NFL). As opposed to third and a long distance for a first down, which is the situation Tebow constantly put his teams in. Broncos converted 31 percent of third downs in 2011, the year Tebow was the primary quarterback (3rd worst).

Prescott passing might make him better than Tebow but he is not a better option than Romo. He is limited as a quarterback and might be peeking as a player at this point of the season.

Prescott like Tebow, handle’s adversity poorly while playing quarterback. Instead of standing in the pocket and waiting until the absolute last minute to throw the correct pass. Prescott like Tebow is prone to run, something they were taught by Mullen.

If Prescott continues to run away from pressure he will eventually run into traps. Traps that Romo is already aware of.

Prescott is in the developmental stage as a football player. Are the Cowboys prepared to risk the potential of this season on Prescott’s development? Of course not, that is what Jones has been signaling to the press after football games and during this week.

“I really don’t want to sit here and think that we got two quarterbacks ready to play and one of them not be ready because he didn’t take some snaps out there,”Jones said according to ESPN.


Finally, Prescott also appears to be playing with a limited playbook. Something that benefits him and the team because it restrains coach Jason Garrett.

Unfortunately for Prescott, Garrett has proven that he can’t suppress his appetite for points and yardage. Eventually Garrett, will surrender to those desires at the expense of strategy.

One of the biggest reason’s Romo has only been to the playoffs three times in the 10 years he’s been a starter, is that Garrett asked too much of him. Romo had the responsibility of scoring to cover up for the bad field position the team would have. He was asked to score to cover up the bad defense that the Cowboys had.

Garrett never fixed those problems because his desire to score points. Prescott has forced Garrett to pay attention to those team issues. Last year also helped Garrett focus on those issues. Yet, the darkside of Garrett lurks and he will want to use Romo to put up points, at the expense of winning.

That means Prescott is on the hot seat to keep producing and improving at linear trajectory. This won’t and has never happened.

What Romo did on Tuesday was put on an act. Romo wanted to assure Cowboy fans that when he replaces Prescott, that it wan’t a ploy.

Jerry Jones interview highlighted the Cowboys ture plan.

“It’s not a goodbye,” Jones said Thursday. “I think Tony has got five years left of really competing for a Super Bowl. I believe Tony will be the quarterback on a Super Bowl team. I believe that strongly. We’re talking generic now, and I have no plans for him not to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. Not a consideration.”

The return of Romo will start Sunday. Prescott is expected to struggle against a fierce Ravens defense. The Ravens are known for having a brilliant defensive game plan that limits their opponents. Of course, that could also be said about the Steelers.

Expect for Romo to play. The Cowboys could use a new winkle for teams to adjust to. Romo could be a unwelcome surprise for the Ravens. It would also give teams something else to spend time and get prepared for.

At least then Romo wouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time.

Put Josh Brown Back on the Field


In a perfect world New York Giants kicker Josh Brown would be in jail for the domestic abuse he has inflicted on his family. However, Josh Brown is not in jail and will likely never face anymore criminal charges, which is why he desperately needs to play.

333px-josh_brown_american_footballJosh Brown (37) has been an NFL kicker since 2003. In 2015, he made the Pro Bowl and has made 83.7% of his field goals attempts during his career. Josh Brown has been a member of five different NFL teams, including the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams. According to Spotrac, Brown has made over $21 million as a NFL kicker.

According to the Giants, Josh Brown often leads the team in prayer and is a role model for younger players.

Josh and Molly Brown married in 2008. They have divorced after eight years of marriage because of Josh Brown’s relentless abuse.

Josh Brown’s ex- wife Molly, told police in 2015 that her husband had physically assaulted her more then 10 times since the couple married and at least 20 times overall.  The testimony she gave to police was released in documents by the King’s County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Washington.

Court documents reveled that Josh Brown had physically assaulted Molly Brown when she was six months pregnant with their daughter in 2009.

“There was a box of mail that we had initially were arguing over,” Molly Brown said. “I took it, I like threw it off the desk and the papers went everywhere and he—I remember grabbing my shoulders and like just pushing me into the door.” During Molly Brown’s pregnancy , her husband Josh accused her of being a gold-digger and getting pregnant on purpose.

In 2013 Molly Brown obtained a protective custody order on her then husband Josh Brown. Molly Brown said she dropped the order against her then husband because of the progress the couple made during relationship counseling.

In April 2014 according to Molly Brown, Josh Brown pushed her into a large mirror in the couples bedroom. He then threw her on the floor  and jumped on top of her. Josh Brown then shoved his wife’s face into the carpet. Molly Brown stated the incident caused pain in her arm and elbow for months.

In 2015 things got worse for the Brown family that was now being terrorized by Josh Brown.

According to a released 911 tapes, Molly Brown called the cops on Josh Brown on two consecutive days, on May 22 and 23. The first because Josh Brown according Molly, had genuinely got in her son’s face.” The son Molly Brown is referring to is her 16-year old son that Josh Brown is a stepfather. The second call occurred after Josh Brown had grabbed Molly Brown by the wrist during an argument.

“I got really scared. And I just went and locked myself in my bedroom again,” Molly Brown  said on the call. “They came last night and they said if anything else happened just to call back and I don’t want anything to get any worse.”

Josh Brown was arrested on fourth- degree assault charges and released the following day on $2000 bail.  It was sometime after this that Josh Brown started going to counseling for his criminal behavior, and when he started his journal.

In one of his journal entries, Josh Brown wrote about how he treated his wife Molly.

“I have physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally been a repulsive man…I have abused my wife.'”

Court documents reveled earlier this year a photo of Molly Brown’s upper leg with a large bruise. Brown admitted to the incident in the journal writing that he bruised and injured her leg with a zipper.

In another journal entry Josh Brown wrote that he believed his then wife was his slave.

“I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave,” Josh Brown wrote. “I carried an overwhelming sense of entitlement because I put money higher than God and I used it as a power tool.”

This year Josh Brown had at least two incidents of domestic violence. In Februaryjosh_brown_kicking_during_2016_pro_bowl_practice at the NFL Pro Bowl,  a drunk Josh Brown was arguing with his stepson. He then kicked the bathroom door off the hinges which hit his stepson in the arm. NFL security had to relocate Brown’s family to another hotel and did not disclose this information to Josh Brown to keep them safe.

April of this year was the second incident. Josh Brown during an argument of with Molly Brown held up his fist like he was going to punch her. He then reportedly said, “I want to knock you out so bad.”

Josh Brown has also made threats on Molly Brown’s life saying that he wanted to kill her. She at first did not but eventually took the threats seriously.

It was also in April of this year that Josh Brown signed a two-year $4 million extension with the Giants.

Josh Brown was placed on the NFL Commissioner’s exempt list last week and and released on Oct 25.

This is the wrong decision the league needs to put him back on the field as soon as possible.

For the sake of his family

In a Deadspin article written by Diana Moskovitz,  Moskovitz makes an important point about the link between unemployment and domestic violence. Moskovitz details that the rate of abuse increases with the rise of unemployment. Also, Moskovitz points out that Josh Brown will need a job to pay child support to his now ex-wife.

The main topic of the Brown’s arguments was finances. If Brown is going to make child support and spousal support payments he needs a job, why not use the one he has had for the last 13 years.

If the league really cares about the wives of NFL players, they should allow Josh Brown to play. Unless they are going to pay the remainder of his salary to Molly Brown and her kids.

The reality is that Josh Brown is still the prominent financial provider for Molly Brown and the couples children. Josh Brown behavior should not prevent him from fulfilling his responsibilities to his family.

Josh Brown is the ultimate symbol of domestic violence

Josh Brown is a white 6’0 202 lbs 37-year old. Josh Brown on a football field does not look imposing, he looks like the average man. In fact his job as a kicker requires no contact in the gladiator sport of football. Brown does not make tackles or block. When he runs out on to the field, he is the smallest and least athletic player on the team. Which is why he is the perfect symbol.

Josh Brown is not intimidating and by all accounts of his friends and teammates, publicly is a nice man.  During an interview of May of this year, Molly Brown said in divorce court, that she told her friends, former NFL quarterback Matt Hasselback and his wife and former center Chris Spencer and his wife about Josh’s abuse. .

Josh Brown for years used his looks and faith to hide what kind of monster he was to his friends, his employers and the police. What his friends didn’t know is that Brown is what domestic violence looks like. From the outside everything looks perfectly normal, but behind closed doors that normal person reveals their sinister side.

Remember Josh Brown does not look like a professional football player, so he was treated like everyone else when the police are called to deal with this issue.

Plenty of men (women to a far lesser extent) go back to work and church the next day as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on. Wouldn’t Josh Brown’s presence on the field make that point?

Now that the world knows of his heinous crimes of torture that Josh Brown inflicted on his family, the fans and league don’t want to see him on the field at Met-Life stadium. Wrong!

If the the NFL and the New York Giants want the public to believe that they take domestic violence seriously then they should be willing to put him on the field. Show the world that Josh Brown was an employee that his bosses contracted knowing that he had been abuse to his wife and children.

Let the crowds at the games  and the people watching at home boo Josh Brown as loud as they can. Allow the advocates who support domestic violence victims come to the games, picket and boycott. At that time when Josh Brown’s presence has created a media and public circus, changes can be made in legislation and in homes. Use public shame as the ultimate deterrent to this evil.

Public shame is a powerful tool and can rally the public together to create positive changes.

In 2007 quarterback Michael Vick went to prison for his part in a dog-fighting ring. Now think, when was the attention to the problem animal cruelty most prevalent?

Good answer, when he was on TV everyday going to court during the trial and after he was released from jail and playing on the field. Vick even supported a bill that imposes stricter penalties for dog-fighters. A bill that would have never gotten the major  media attention it did if Vick had not been there.

Now Brown is not likely to support a bill on domestic violence. Josh Brown released a statement apologizing but denying that he ever struck his ex-wife. What Josh Brown’s presence would do is create a sense of urgency for lawmakers (local, state, federal) to do something about the domestic violence epidemic.

If for some reason you are worried about Josh Brown’s feelings, the New York Giants are willing to support him, or at least they were. giants_1961-1974
“We’re not going to turn our back on Josh. He’s a teammate and a guy who we’re hoping makes strides,” Giants coach Ben Mcadoo ny_football_giants_training_camp_28809726455said.


“He certainly admitted to us that he abused his wife in the past,” Giant’s Owner John Mara said in a radio interview on WFAN New York. “What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.” John Mara said that the Giants did their due diligence before resigning  Josh Brown.

“Obviously, it is an unfortunate situation for all parties,” wide receiver Victor Cruz said. “But as a teammate, I am behind Josh Brown. I just want him to get himself right and make sure that he is able to overcome these things. It is not an easy thing, obviously, involving his personal life. But as an individual, I just want him to overcome and see where it goes.”


Unfortunately with Josh Brown’s release the NFL once again has missed the opportunity to confront this issue.

The NFL should stop trying imitate law enforcement 800px-nfl-logo_flickr_293146700

If the NFL is serious, which they are not, about solving domestic violence then they shouldn’t be afraid to put Josh Brown at the forefront of this problem. After all they are not the police, who were called on 10 separate occasions to the Brown residence before they made an arrest.

The NFL has got no business punishing Josh Brown for this incident at all, especially since they have mishandled all situation regarding this plague of violence.

Remember when Ray Rice knocked out his then fiance and now wife in an elevator of a casino in 2014. The NFL got that tape, suspended Rice for two games  and after the tape went public, exiled Rice.  The league then hired four women to help change the domestic violence policy.   One of the new policies implemented, an automatic six game suspension for a first time offender.

In Josh Brown’s case the NFL was notified numerous times and had a confession from Josh Brown on what he did to his wife. The leagues response was to suspend in 2016 Josh Brown for half the number of games it initially suspended Rice.

The NFL should find it’s place in the world and stay there.

This would have been the timeline if the NFL did nothing.

  1. Josh Brown hits his wife.
  2. The police are called.
  3. Josh Brown goes to jail.
  4. Josh Brown is released from jail.
  5. The state decides with evidence and testimony not to pursue charges.
  6. Josh Brown goes back to work.

Which is the nationwide problem the league could highlight with Josh  Brown on the field.

Instead he is fired from his job and now his family has the burden of finding a new income. The rest of the nation will forget about this issue of domestic violence with no face to associate with the crime. It’s definitely not a perfect world.








Commentary: Laremy Tunsil Enemy Proves the NFL Still Ignores Science


Laremy Tunsil’s draft night was almost ruined, probably still was. A video of him using a gas mask to inhale a substance, that no one has confirmed was marijuana, was posted to his twitter account a few minutes before the draft began.

Now this story, is not about someone clearly attacking this kid, and trying keep him from living his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. Which clearly was going on, if your taking bets, put your money on the stepdad and his friends.

This is about the NFL teams that passed Laremy Tunsil and reportedly took him off their draft boards. Most teams with a little research and common sense, could have figured out, Tunsil was probably using marijuana. The video had to be old, and he passed all his drug test.

NFL teams and any employer, should be concerned if they have rules that are blatantly ignored. That’s a sign, the potential employee doesn’t respect the process. Rules are rules based on experience, not just for a reason. However, this rule is based on corruption and stupidly, science clearly wasn’t a factor.

Marijuana, for the most part a harmless substance. It’s a can cause someone to hallucinate and have anxiety. Marijuana can also help relieve stress and physical pain, which of course young people, especially athletes experience regularly. That’s pretty much it, and medical professionals and scientist are barely allowed to explore the plant, from a scientific process.stock-photo-weed-386320651

Now it’s time to take the gloves off, the NFL bans marijuana for two reason, first lack of information by the decision makers. Second and most importantly, pharmaceutical companies who are in bed with NFL doctors and teams.

Those companies would rather have players overdosing on painkillers and alcohol, after repeated head blows to the head. Why would any adult who had thorough information on marijuana and its side effects have such strict restrictions?

Money, congratulations you guessed it. If you don’t think pharmaceutical companies pays the NFL, like they pay doctors to recommend certain prescription medications, you’re fooling yourself.

Marijuana is much safer than alcohol, which the NFL serves in stadiums, far from walking distance. It also has fewer side effects then prescription medication, which can ruin organs.

Pharmaceutical companies, much more than your local government doesn’t want marijuana legalized. It would cut off streams of revenue in a hurry, especially the antidepressants.

Thank God, for the Miami Dolphins. Who were probably sitting there thinking, “Do these other teams know what choke is? This kid is a good decision maker, at least it’s not choke.” For those who have never heard of South Florida, cocaine is big in Miami. Cocaine in the great words of Warren Sapp,” will make you steal from your mama.”

Marijuana is already becoming more and more legal nationwide, making it harder for people to use old rules about the substance. Marijuana is getting to the point where drug test from employers are becoming less frequent, and bordering states are at least addressing the issue, for medical purposes.

To be clear, marijuana and alcohol is not worth millions of dollars. If it means that much to you, to smoke weed rather than get paid, it’s time to get help.

To the NFL however, it’s time to get a grip. The NFL is a billion dollar organization, they can pay for unbiased scientific research and implement a quality solution. Yes, kids are watching and it’s of dire importance to send a good message.

It’s also important to teach kids to listen to fact based information.

Your least favorite team is ruining Sports for the rest of us.


Brian Wright

In the world of business, the goal is to make money. If you have higher profits then you have cost, than your business is doing well, no matter what people say. That is the ultimate bottom line and the NBA, NFL, MLB, soccer clubs are doing just that, making money. They make so much from T.V. contracts, that the leagues can be secure for the near future in terms of profits. The only thing that may hurt any of these sports leagues is if fans quit watching, but the impact wouldn’t be felt for years. That’s the beauty of guarantees, however the prominent professional sports leagues should worry about how organizational structures and the head scratching moves of poor performing teams, may one day,( as far away as that day may seem) will turn fans off.

Eventually these intense fan bases will stop supporting minor & major markets of the teams because….THEY HAVE NO CHANCE AT WINNING. Fans will realize the opportunities to win the world championship have been continually squandered. Lack of ownership direction and certainty, coaching firings, bad scouting and drafting, and poor on field product are turning fans off.

Eventually fans are going to be turned off to these teams that can’t at least pretend to be moving toward fan goals and expectations. Yes how fans feel matter, because if a franchise loses enough fan support, the team will eventually feel the economic impact because:

  1. Cities won’t be so excited to give in to the ridiculous demands of terrible sports franchises for stadiums.
  2. Poor ratings mean networks will pay owners less and less for T.V. deals because no one will watch those games. (When is the last time you saw the Professional Bowling in Primetime)
  3. Merchandise sales will go into the tank because players will be too hard to follow because they change teams so much.
  4. Great athletes will play another sports because the game will lose its luster. Not to mention football participation being down for a lot of reasons.

This doomsday scenario is far off but is real, and sports franchises should worry about carrying the bad sports franchises from contract to contract. Some of these sports franchises have been bad partners. To save time focus on the NFL.



Map showing NFL ticket sales by state

The NFL is the most popular league in the United States and makes the most money, the NFL is king. The bad teams however, are not feeling the love, check out this map of popular NFL teams by state. Did you notice Florida and California? In Florida the NFL has three teams, Jacksonville, Miami and Tampa. In California the NFL has 3 teams.



Tampa Bay won ticket sales for games in the state of Florida, YAY! If you look at the ratings numbers for the NFL in 2015, you’ll notice that the Buccaneers did not even play on National T.V. last year. Combine that with the firing of coach Lovie Smith after two season, along with a lot of other coaches in the last 5 years, plus the team isn’t bring in free agents this offseason ( or popular players that sell tickets). Which means the team is rebuilding again and Jameis Winston is the man who will make the team worth something right. Maybe? If he can stay healthy and win games. Winston started every game last year but the Bucs only won six games, a improvement from the year before, but that doesn’t guarantee they will win six again. The Bucs haven had a winning record since 2010, when they won 10 games but failed  to make the playoffs. The team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2007. Since, the team has made won in (terms of games) 9, 3, 10, 4, 7, 4, 2, 6. Not exactly a linear upswing, its hard to image (though it happens) fans will continue to save the Bucs by selling out games because the team is not very good. Then what will the Bucs, move? Where to LA or London, where they are starving for football. That might be a good option but by then those T.V. deals will be up and no T.V. or internet streaming company will pay to put the Bucs on. There is also that Jameis Winston thing too.

The Bucs are the most popular team in the state, how much longer will fans pay to see professional football in Florida. The Dolphins and the Jaguars are not exactly alternatives.



The Tennessee Titans are a mess, the ownership in particular, Amy Adams- Strunk had to tell season ticket holders recently that the team is not for sale. Which will hopefully and mercifully stop fans from going through the rebuilding process. But look at that map again, who outside of the state of Tennessee cares about the Titans. Kentucky is a northern neighbor and the football fans in that state pay for Cincinnati Bengals tickets. Geographically those football fans would rather drive north to see the Bengals rather then the Titans. Paying to see other teams is true for football fans in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Not to say that football fans from those states do go see the Titans at all, college football is also huge in the states mentioned before and its, reasonable to say that most football fans pay for one and watch the other from home. Merchandise sales were not amazing, the Titans had one player in the top 50 of jersey sales in 2015, at no. 9 Marcus Mariota. To compare  the 49ers who won only 5 games had 5 and one of those players retired. (Patrick Willis). The team did trade for Demarco Murray and they have the fist pick in the draft but they are a long way away. Will the fans be patient enough?

Again the day the next time a sports league hurts for money is not in the foreseeable future. But that doesn’t mean people wont eventually take there money else because of the lack of faith in the organization from fans. If sports teams continue to drag fans year after year through rebuilding another process. Then the leagues will begin to suffer. Sports has it’s luster in the world but its not invincible.