What the hell is going on with White Women?

How did Donald Trump win White Women Voters?

It’s easy to notice when I’m confused. If you’re observing  me as if I’m Freud’s dog, I display two behaviors. The first behavior I display is showing my teeth without smiling. I’ll bite up on my top teeth, spread my lips apart while simultaneously using the muscle in my face to open my nostrils and pinch the bridge of my nose.

The second behavior is head scratching, followed by pulling at the extra skin on the bottom of my ear.

So yesterday night after the shock of the election result wore off, I began to pack my apartment as the anticipation begins of what day I will be shipped to my Hunger Games District. I started thinking about how I’ll need to get my hands on a pistol after I volunteer as tribute because certainly I’m not equipped to run around a forest with bows and arrows chasing children. Then I started to yank on my year.

While reading articles on how survive the great depression when I stumbled upon voting statics collected by NBC NEWS.  Donald Trump won the election with the voter turnout of rural white men. Yet, he also won white women voters at the polls. Hillary Clinton won women voters overall, 54 percent to Donald Trump’s 42 percent. But not the white ones.

Clinton couldn’t get support from women who look just like her.

Now it’s an appropriate time to confess my identity. I am a mid twenties black man from the city of St. Louis. I was raised by a single mother and I have three brothers and three sisters. We were all raised under the same, Christian household.

2008 was the first year I was eligible to vote and I voted for Barack Obama. I made that decision when I saw his face. His face resembled the face I saw and still see in the mirror.

When I examined Obama, I learned about a successful black man, who preached a Messiah’s message of change. Most importantly I must admit, I examined his face and how it compared to mine.

Since you have kept reading this long, I’ll keep it real with you. There was no way I was not going to vote for Obama. It was my senior year of high school and I was late to school, just like a lot of my other classmates because I had an election to vote in. He won and that night I experienced a euphoria that many other black people experienced. My brothers and I spent the entire night rapping, “My President is Black” lyrics. It was such a good feeling to have someone who looks just like me break the glass ceiling.

I still get goose bumps thinking about it. A man that looks like me became the President of the United States of America.

When I think about Trump becoming President next year I am consumed with fear. The fear of the future and how hard it will be to fight for my causes. The thought of new struggles that have now been bestowed on my demographic because of his ridiculous presidency is frightening.

But I’m still confused. How can white women overwhelming reject the face that looks back at them in the mirror. To reject the image in the mirror is one thing, but to reject it for Trump is mind numbing. I seriously don’t have enough skin on my head and tissue in my ear to scratch and pull on.

Trump has offended Mexicans, Muslims, veterans, disabled people and brown people. Three weeks before the election, he encouraged people on life support to stick around and vote. Apparently it’s more important to the President for people to vote than soak up remaining time with their loved ones.

Women were also targeted in Trump’s vitriol. He insinuated that Megyn Kelly hormones was the reason she challenged him on his long history of misogyny. Trump proposed the myth that a Muslim Gold Star mother was silenced by her husband, who allegedly prevented her from talking about her dead son. He even called his running opponent a  “nasty woman” during the final presidential debate. None of this persuaded white women who supported him overwhelmingly, along with the arsonist from rural county’s at the polls.

Not even the Access Hollywood tape, which featured Trump, who was knowingly being recorded, spewing alarming confessions. No budge from this key demographic.

Trump won 78% of conservative women voters. White women from the ages of 45-64, he won 58%. Protestant white women 64% and white women in general 53%.

Unmoved Masses

Now I’m not going to pretend to understand white women, especially conservative white women. However, I know a little something about how American’s vote.

Americans vote based on:

  1. Appearance
  2. Perception of Shared Cultural Experiences .
  3. Political views.

In that order.

I can’t understand how white women could bring themselves to vote for Trump especially over someone who looks like them.

No one is ever going to convince me that white women are politically  superior voters, who went to the polls and voted for the best candidate.

But first let me take care of some business. If you are a white conservative women who was never going to vote democratic, I’m not talking about you. If you are a women who did not vote for Clinton because of your politics, whatever they are, I support your decision. It was not my ballot and I don’t cast your votes, so I’m good with yall.

What bothers me is the white women who did not vote for Clinton because they just didn’t like her. Or the other white women who didn’t vote for her because she was a woman.

I remember watching an episode of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, where they interviewed a woman who is a truck mechanic (start video at 4 min’s 50 secs). She is a married white women, who lives in a rural area. She said she wouldn’t vote for Clinton because women are too dramatic to be President. She later reports that she has been the victim of sexism from male customers. She is not the only white woman I have heard with this opinion.

One day at the student newspaper I work for I showed a conservative white 20 -year old copy editor, rapper T.I comments on Clinton. According to Vibe magazine, T.I. said.

“Not to be sexist but, I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman,” he said. “Just because, every other position that exists, I think a woman could do well. But the president? It’s kinda like, I just know that women make rash decisions emotionally – they make very permanent, cemented decisions – and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen, or they didn’t mean for it to happen. And I sure would hate to just set off a nuke. [Other leaders] will not be able to negotiate the right kinds of foreign policy; the world ain’t ready yet. I think you might be able to the Loch Ness Monster elected before you could [get a woman].”

The copy editor response,” Yes I agree with that, women are too emotional. women are crazy man.” You want more.

I wrote an opinion piece on my schools health department giving out free condoms and not free tampons. My editor, then a 20-year old female was reluctant to do a story, no problem. She said she wanted to wait until the issue was relevant. I wrote the story and we get push back because of the way I excoriated the health department. She was mad at me for name calling. By the way, the school gave out tampons after we ran the story, likely because of the popularity of my editorial . That editor is still mad at me because of that.

I got some more for you. Me and my friend attended a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in a downtown square. After we grabbed some beers from a bar, we walked outside toward the parade. We were standing behind a gate where people lined-up, there are tables and chairs outside the bar just behind the gate. I place my beer down on the table and a white man who was leaning on the rail turns around and says,

“Let me move my wife’s purse out the way. Don’t want you to spill something on it. Technically it’s my purse, I paid for it. I payed a lot of money for this purse and I take better care of it.” His wife is white, she is late twenties to early thirties.

I got one more story for you.  I work part -time in the middle of the night. It’s easy work. I have a female co-worker. She is a white and above age 40. She is a mother of two daughters who also works at my place of employment. Tuesday was the first time she had ever voted. She voted for Trump because that’s what her husband instructed her to do.

The last example might be extreme and hopefully rare. A women who was intimidated by her husband and unwilling to lie about what her secret ballot said, that’s a sad story.

It was never going to happen

What I think is messed up is, white women had a chance to live vicariously in Clinton as black American’s and worldwide in Obama, and passed. They passed on the opportunity twice.

I don’t remember during this election cycle, Carly Fiorina receiving the basic instinct support of conservative women. She never had a chance but  unlike Clinton was extremely unknown. Fiorina however, was on that debate stage with Trump and conservative women didn’t turn out to support her.

I watch a lot of “MSNBC’s Morning Joe”. One thing struck  me when Mark Halperin was explaining how the polls missed on Trump’s victory. He said  when the Access Hollywood tapes were released, it didn’t change a single voters mind about Trump. They had already chosen to stop Clinton.

U.S._President_Bill_Clinton,_First_Lady_Hillary_Clinton,_and_White_House_Aide,_Franklin_Urteaga.jpgClinton was always too disconnected from white women. I believe she was shunned by both demographics that she could have been labeled. Single career independents like the New York Times Maureen Dowd, never forgave Clinton for leaving her job as a lawyer to become the first lady of Arkansas.

Career independent white women lashed out at Clinton for chasing a family life. Believing she was pathetic for loving Bill Clinton, a serial cheater and misogynist in his own right. They believed she turned her back on the once promised feminist leader from Wellesley.

Then Clinton was never fully embraced by the woman of Arkansas because she wouldn’t take Bill’s last name. Then Bill’s allegations came out. Hillary stood by Bill and was demonized for it. White mothers in great numbers have disowned Clinton who they see as privileged and tactical.


That’s where I’m confused. Here is a smart woman who gave up her life to get married to the man she loved. He cheats on her, she stays with him and the public never forgives her. Bill gets elected president twice, she is scorned by the country.

Hillary became an accomplished Senator after her husbands presidency, she worked hard as Secretary of State. After all that she is still shunned by her own community.

For Hillary, this election was all about the emails and distrust. The FBI investigations never once produced any validity to the claim her opponent made about her. Even the Clinton foundation scandal is more rumor that facts. Yet Hillary still lost to a man Tuesday, who is being sued for scamming people on an education.

Clinton is greeted by white women with the scorn of  middle school bathroom gossip walls.It makes no sense, I invite any of you to explain it to me in the comment section below.

Until thin I’ll been learning how to climb trees. #HungerGames2018




Tuscaloosa’s War Against Bama Fans, Capitalism, AirBnB

City of Tuscaloosa cracking down on residents who use sharing economy tool AirBnb


Matthew Tosh at http://flickr.com/photos/33107978@N02/6271017579

So you’re a fan of the University of Alabama football team living in Springfield, Mo, and you really want to see them play in the 2016 season. Life is short, on your bucket list is to see Alabama play at home, in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Now arrangements for any out of town trip can be difficult.

Your trip is Nov 12. Alabama will be playing Mississippi State in Bryant-Denny. The football team is heavy favorites; everyone expects Alabama to win. Stub hub has the average ticket price starts at $70 apiece, and you are taking your ex-wife and your four children who you have indoctrinated into Crimson tide fans. This is a bucket list trip you’re going to pay $170 per ticket so you’re not in the nose bleed section.

First you have to decide how you are going to get to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the location of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Are you going to fly in a plane, or catch a train or bus? You might even rent a car or bring your own. You are going to drive and it’s going to cost about $250. Your running total is $1,270.

Next you have to decided where you are going to stay. Obviously you can’t just drive all the way to Alabama and come right back to Springfield after the game, it’s an eight-and-a-half-hour drive by car. After the game your family will be too exhausted to travel. So you look for nearby hotels and they are completely booked. Sheesh. The ones that are not booked are really far away. Also the hotels are really expensive. A two-star hotel in Tuscaloosa, one bedroom, will go for $159. You have to stay somewhere; your family can’t travel all the way to Tuscaloosa to be homeless. So you decide you can cram everyone in a two-person room for $180 for one-night. Your total is now at $1,450.

Still you need worry about parking, dinner and memorabilia like a jersey, and the experience of Alabama downtown after a win. Remember you are only doing this once.

The ex-wife you never should have left, tells you about a site called AirBnB, where someone will rent out their entire two-bedroom house to you at $350 a night and the house is walking distance of the stadium. If you book one night, it will cost you $580. Two night at S982. “That is a hell of a deal,” you yell back to your ex in response. For one you are going to cut out hotel fees, dining fees because you will have a home and a stove so you can cook frozen cheaper food and it’s in walking distance of the stadiums.

You call the renters on the phone and gossip like middle school girls about your favorite team. And he has an even better deal. He is a season ticket holder and he has got six closer seats for you and your family. Plus, you talk him down 25% on the rental price with the condition that you stay two nights. OH MY GOD!!! New total with free tickets, plus the car drive and the two night stay along with food. $1,036. No hotel parking fees, no transportation to stadium fees, no parking near the stadium fee. All you need to do is get there.

So you’re excited and you make your plans. Then about a week before the game your renter calls you back and says that he can’t rent to you. The city of Tuscaloosa is cracking down on home rentals, especially from site’s like AirBnb. The city has notified your new Snapchat best friend that the will issue a them a fine for renting their home.

That is what is happening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The city of Tuscaloosa is fining people for using social media to rent out their homes or Alabama football fans. Even though the renters never use Alabama likeness in their ads or say they are affiliated with the school, the city is going to crackdown on this practice.

According to Wtvm.com report,  city officials claim that the temporary rentals are zoning violations. 

There is a logical reason why. Those practices hurt the local economy. Alabama plays seven home games throughout the year. Local business like; hotels, cab companies, parking lot owners, mom and pop shops, restaurants, bed and breakfast, all make the bulk of the year’s income during those seven home games, on those seven weekends. If people are coming to Tuscaloosa making private deals and avoiding all of those places, then it really hurts. It hurts the city that has invested in those businesses, and the taxpayers who dollars were spent on the creation of the hotels and downtown Tuscaloosa traffic.

Yet the fine hurts the Tuscaloosa home owner too. That person has a mortgage, car note, kids to send to school. That person needs the money just as much to keep living.

When Alabama plays football especially since Nick Saban has been the head coach (2007), those homes are worth far more. Nick Saban has coached Alabama to four National Championships.  So now it hurts the everyday man or women, trying to access a higher economic class. Most of the places listed on AirBnb are one bedroom apartments and two bedrooms one level houses.

Calling it a zoning violation is crap.

This fine is a betrayal to capitalism but a positive to the tourism industry. The tourism can behave like a monopoly and raise prices. More money goes to airlines, and cabs and parking lots. However, the average everyday people who live in Tuscaloosa who don’t have jobs in tourism suffer. Tourism won’t compete in the free market, making the industry weaker not stronger.  So it’s good for the city and tourism, but it kills the sharing economy.

What an awful time to be a Alabama fan.

Commentary: Race, Bullets, and Moms texts.


“I don’t care what happens today and in the future….take it all in stride…no fighting no arguing no revenge… keep your mouth shut and your hands to yourself…God has you and is a righteous Judge”

My mom sent me that text message to me about 2 p.m. last Thursday, and all I could think to myself was, “What do this crazy  women talking about now.” You see I was on a field trip for a class in the Ozarks. So it wasn’t until I got to my hotel room that evening, when I learned about Philando Castile on the news. Later that night, Micah Johnson killed five police officers after protest, in downtown Dallas. The people in Dallas were protesting the police shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, and Castile in Minnesota. That was the source of my mother stressing text message, the thing is I’ve heard that before plenty of times.

I was raise in Walnut Park area of St. Louis, Missouri. Walnut Park was and still is a low poverty, high crime section of north St. Louis. I didn’t have many encounters with police growing up or anyone in my neighborhood. The block was so bad the only time me and my six brothers and sisters could go outside, was to catch the bus to take us to school, or get in the car to go to church.

Windows became the only source of contact to the outside world around me. Out those windows I saw that  my mother had good reason to keep us locked in doors most days of the year.

Across the street from my house was a crack house, and that’s not an exaggeration. Every night for about five or six years, there was some party going on involving loud music, cars parked in the middle of the street with the lights on, and fighting. Every so often an ambulance would show up, to take someone to the hospital who had been flapping on the ground like a fish out of water.

My street was the only block I could see in person, but you could hear the other blocks nearby. You could hear the gunshots, and police sirens, helicopters overhead, and every now and then, there would be a large boom like a bomb going off.

My childhood was like one of a bad kid, like detention in elementary school while everyone else outside. Expect we did nothing wrong, but exist.  By the way , if I was always inside , why did my mom feel the need to constantly warn me about dealing with the police?

She would constantly tell me a my brothers and sisters, ” Its yes ma’am, no sir, because they have the gun and they will shoot you.” She told us this time after time, and even now, I’m hearing it again. I keep hearing it, because the United States keeps reliving the same nightmare over and over. Black men being killed by white police, and never being held accountable.

Graffiti New York City

On Sept 15. 1983, Michael Stewart caught an early morning train from the 14th Street subway station to his home in  Brooklyn, New York. Stewart was a 25 year old graffiti artist, and according to NPR, started tagging the wall on the train with a marker. This war during New York’s ridiculous war on graffiti. He likely didn’t see the transit officer staring at him. About 3:20 am, Stewart arrived at Bellevue Hospital, in police custody hog tied, beaten with no pulse. Stewart would spend the next 13 days in a coma, where he later died.

Witnesses say they saw police beating Stewart, who weighted 140 lbs, as he was screaming for help. The police bounded his arms and legs and beat him with billy-clubs, repeatedly kicked him, and chocked him. When they finally finished, the police according to witnesses through his unconscious body into the back of a police van. A witness said his body was seen flying through the air before it hit  a storage unit in the back.

His death outraged the black community New York city, and when his case went to trial, and the only black person directly involved in the trial was the deceased defendant. The judge, jury, defendants, attorneys, were all  white, and the six cops were acquitted.

More black New Yorker’s became outraged  and following the acquittal and forced Mayor  Ed Koch to appeal for an additional investigation. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority later announced that 10 of the 11 officers deemed to be involved in the Stewart’s death, would not face any department punishment. Only the arresting office would face perjury charges.

I can’t be certain that my mom knew about that news story, knowing her well I would guess she may have only heard about it. I do know she watched the movie “Do The Right Thing”,  a Spike Lee movie that was partly inspired by Stewart’s murder.

Stewart story is one that’s way to familiar to many families in this country, yet time after time it’s relived by the community, and continues to divide.

Dallas, Texas

Bishop T.D. Jakes lead  a prayer in downtown Dallas Friday morning, and like President Barack Obama encourage the nation to come together and love one another. The pleas come after a week of deadly gun violence in the news. Obama has been to the podium countless times to address gun violence, police brutality, and race. Still he and community leaders preach love, why? Because saying we must love each other is a easier than actually doing it. Doing it requires a very important thing, trust.

Obama Addresses Shootings

Stewart’s story is a perfect illustration of why many people, not just black people don’t trust the police or the government process. Two of the  most important issues facing this country right now is police brutality and the availability of guns. Issues that must be solved simultaneously, issues that won’t be solved until trust has been earned.

Some trust was actually being earned in Dallas. During protest in Dallas unlike in Ferguson, police were not dressed in riot gear. No army tanks, no machine guns, no standoffs between police and protesters. These changes came through negotiations between the Black Lives Matter activist group and police. Johnson has likely destroyed the possibility of police interacting with protesters like that in the near future, with his actions Thursday night.

Micah Johnson


As impossible it seems, for the unrest to end, all Americans have to learn to trust the acting authority at large. However, that same constituency  has to stop giving this trust away for free.

Month after month, racial outrage continues to break out across the country, because of the unlawful deaths or treatment by law enforcement. Yet during voting periods, whites and browns continue to falsely protect their own interest by allowing , lifetime incompetent politicians, to further mishandle important matters like police brutality and the availability of guns. American’s continue to elect judges, police chiefs, senators, congressman, they don’t know or don’t care to get to know to be in charge in their own neighborhood. Then we have the nerve to be surprised when chaos continues to happen.

We are all at fault for this problem. Its everyone fault that we don’t have the trust necessary to govern ourselves. It’s our faults that people with no common sense have the ability to get whatever high powered gun available to commit heinous crimes. It’s also our fault that people in this country ignore issues of inequality. It will continue to be our fault that bodies fill the space at morgues at alarming rates, by mass shooting and police violence.

Black Lives Matter Rally: San Francisco

As impossible as it sounds, the only way solve these issues is trust. Not much trust either. Just  enough to end unrest. That amount would compare to the amount of trust a parent would need in their preteen children alone in the house while they go to the store. Enough trust to accomplish the task quickly, return home, and know the house won’t burn down while they are gone.Just enough trust where you can go to work, spend a weekend vacation with your family. Knowing that it wont end because some psychopath with a grudge showed up with a machine gun.

Trust takes time, but that is the biggest challenge facing the United States today, and we will continue to face this same challenge until that small amount of trust is earned.

That is the choice, learn to trust against the obvious reasons not to, or continue to endure the same unrest next month, followed by texts from mom.

Rally at Pioneer Courthouse





American Voter’s need to look in the mirror at Hilary Clinton



Human Waste and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not a reflection of so called “American Values”. He is not a manifestation of core American frustration with congress, or the non-establishment candidate voters have been clamoring for. Trump is the nuclear option, and Hilary Clinton should become the next president. If you have a problem with that, then you the voter or non-voter only have yourself to blame.

Trump is attractive for only a few substantive reasons.

Republicans and Democrats suck. The 112 and 113 Congress earned the distinction as the least productive in U.S. history.  Not to mention the inability for either side to compromise, and pass any meaningful legislation. Both parties are using, what has become tired rhetoric to justify not solving problems. Senator Clinton represents these problems far more then Trump does.

Clinton is being criticized by young conservative voters, for remaining married to former U.S. President Bill Clinton for political reasons. She also uses an accent when she travels through southern states, and she answers questions, in a very phony political way. For example, Clinton gave this answer in Kentucky, as to what role her husband will have in her administration.

“In charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it, especially in places like coal country and inner cities”, Clinton said. It’s not as much the answer but how she delivered it that makes people cringe. Her body language reeks of over political congressman speech, which is followed usually by inaction.

Trumps, says he will deport Mexicans and build walls, and use nuclear weapons. While those ideas are repulsive, they are explicit, and sound nothing like the establishment party ideas. That’s what makes him so attractive, his willingness to be his awful self, unlike Clinton.

The things Trump says matches the actions people want to see.

If a voter is watching cable news, and buys into the constant narrative of terror, Trump makes sense. Everyday, the 24-hour news cycle panics the public which missing planes, and viruses. Not to mention the constant bickering, disguised as debate, between two individuals that make no point. If the TV news wants you to believe that Muslims are coming to kill Americans, and Trump talks about deporting all Muslims, then why wouldn’t people vote for Trump?

Democrats and Republican have allowed their party to be overrun by the 24 hour news media rhetoric. When that happens the party establishment shouldn’t be surprised when a candidate represents those ideas captures the attention of the media, as well as the viewers.

Trump is a nuclear option

The biggest reason voters like Trump is because they want to change the entire system overnight. It’s safe to say, not everyone is thrilled with the two candidates for president, but it’s not the party or the candidates fault. Voters and non-voters have refused to seriously engage in the voting process, on the state and national level. After decades of this process, more and more of the private party candidates have won elections, instead of the people’s choice.

Clinton not Trump is the face of what American voters really desire. For the party to select who they feel is most qualified, so voters don’t have to think at the polls.

If voters really want change, they should wait until 2020, so candidates from different parties can emerge. A Trump presidency will not fix any problems. Voters should look in the mirror, suck it up and get through the next four year.


Commentary: Missouri House Advocates For Rapist

Missouri Republican State Representative, Tila Hubrecht, stood front and center in a Thursday press conference to explain why, bill HJR 98 would be on voters ballet in November.

Hubrecht along with bill sponsor Mike Moon (R-Ash Groove), also offered a explanation for the controversial comments on abortion, Hubrecht made earlier in the week.

Hubrecht believes God has plans for some women to become pregnant through rape, calling the pregnancy a silver lining.

“When God gives life he does so because there’s a reason, no matter what,” Hubrecht said. “Sometimes bad things happen, horrible things, but sometimes God can give us a silver lining through the birth of a child.” Because, yeah, rape sucks, but there’s nothing like nine months of living with your rapist’s baby growing inside you to help you get over it!”

Hubrecht, who has been serving District 151 since 2014, tried to back pedal on Thursday.

“The baby did nothing wrong, the woman did nothing wrong; the man who raped the woman is the one who done something wrong,” Hubrecht said. “More violence is not the answer to a rape.”

Not only are those comments in no way makes Hubrecht appear less foolish. Clearly the rep from Dexter, MO has no comprehension of her silver lining comments. By saying, ” God gives life”, justifies the rapist actions, using God’s authority.

Also by calling abortion violence, Hubrecht is criminalizing the rape victim.

Hubrecht has been on a personal mission to restrict abortion right across the state. In the 98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session, Hebrecht sponsored seven bills. Six of those bills were connected to abortion rights.

It’s truly amazing that the voters of Dexter would allow someone so manic and disgusting, like Hubrecht, to represent them. Women like Hubrecht do however, destroy the stereotype that men are the ones activity restricting women’s rights.

Moon’s comment only made things worse, invoking the NAZI reference, while talking to the Kansas City Star.

“The silence of those who want to protect the unborn is similar to the silence of Germans who stood by and allowed Jewish people to be slaughtered by the Nazis”, Moon said.

“What this does is put Missouri in a position to be the most pro-life state in the country”, Moon said.

Moon also compared abortion to slavery, comparing the Dred Scott decision to Roe vs Wade. Moon is a crazy coward, along with the two other male members of the house. On Thursday, they took to hiding behind a self hating female, and ridiculous incoherent rhetoric, to disguise themselves from being labeled sexist. It didn’t work.

HJR 98 or the personhood bill,  will outlaw most forms of abortion in the state. Many states with abortion restrictions, allow for abortion in cases of; rape, incest, and life of the mother being endangered. If the bill passes, that will no longer be the case in Missouri.

The bill will also bans contraceptives, such as the pill, Plan B and IUD’s.

These idiots  are not smart enough to realize that this law will only make abortion more dangerous, not less likely. People are not going to stop having sex. If a unwanted pregnancy occurs, because its unwanted, the female will likely try to have an abortion.

A faster and safer way to stop abortion, is stopping people from getting pregnant. Providing contraceptives, sex-education and educating women is far more likely to stop abortion. Laws restricting abortion clinics and abortion services on encourage people to become more innovative, and that is the danger.

Voters in Missouri will have to decide on Novembers ballet whether, this Republican lead man hunt, on individual rights to make the best choices for themselves, will succeed.

Voters who want to advocate for the right to life should look to science, to create a male version of the pill. In most cases, males  can always impregnate a female. So why not limit the fertility of sperm? If Missouri can create the pill first, they can sell it as cereal and stimulate the economy .

Bills like this put all the blame for the unwanted pregnancy on females, by limiting their options.

As for the Hubrecht  and dumb sons, they have proven, that they can’t be trusted with expanding the rights of Missourians. They seem to forget not all Missourians are Christians and faith is a choice. Not something that should be forced upon others… you know like rape. Please Go Away!

Christians should not be aligning themselves on the same intellectual and moral side of rapist.


The Right to Deny because of Religious Beliefs

Brian Wright

Missouri State University student, Andrew Cash, filed a lawsuit Tuesday after he dismissed from the master’s counseling program at MSU in 2014. Cash refused to counsel gay  couples, based on his religious beliefs.

Cash was released from his master’s program while he was doing an internship at the Springfield Marriage and Family Institute. W.K. Boyce, the supervisor of the program, gave a class presentation, at Cash’s request, on Christian relationship counseling. That’s when the trouble for Cash began.

The following week, MSU internship coordinator Kristi Perryman, had a meeting with with Cash to discuss his refusing to counsel gay couples. Perryman informed Cash, that by refusing, he violated American Counseling Association’s code of ethics. Perryman told Cash he could not continue his internship at the Christian-based organization.


Cash claims in the lawsuit, he was being targeted for expressing his Christian worldview. This case has some very interesting components.

First, MSU allowed a student to participate in an internship program, without checking to make sure the program met the standards of the ACA. Cash also admitted to refusing to counsel gay couples, but he never denied counseling services to any gay couples. He sought out and enrolled in a program where he could reasonably avoid gay couples and maintain his religious beliefs. Finally, while Cash’s preferences are clearly discriminatory, should the school have allowed him to finish the program to accommodate his religious beliefs?

To clear up any confusion, the first question that must be answered is,”Is a counselor considered a physician or one who provides physician services? Yes, according to the United States Department of Labor website. The definition reads,

“By statute, the term “physician” includes surgeons, podiatrists, dentists, clinical psychologists, optometrists, osteopathic practitioners, and chiropractors within the scope of their practice as defined by state law.”

Psychologists are specifically defined as having three qualities: being licensed or certified, possessing a doctoral degree, and having two years of supervised experience.

Jeesica Dweck’s article on Slate, First, Do No Harm to Your Political Party, reported how Florida doctor Jack Cassell discriminated against potential patients. Cassell taped a sign to his door, that was directed toward President Obama supporters, to “seek urologic care elsewhere.”

That sign was a violation of the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 9.012, which will certainly be considered in the Cash lawsuit. The opinion goes as follows:

“Under no circumstances should physicians allow their differences with patients or their families about political matters to interfere with the delivery of high-quality depositphotos_3790125-Judge-gavelprofessional care.”

It’s important to remember that the AMA is an association, not a legal institution, which Cassell was not a member. Cash is not currently known to be a member of the ACA, and that itself is a club, not a legal institution either. Section C.5 of its code of conduct title non-discrimination states:

“Counselors do not condone or engage in discrimination against prospective or current clients, students, employees, supervisees, or research participants based on age, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion/spirituality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/ partnership status, language preference, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or any basis proscribed by law.”

The code is not required by law, and while Cash does run a serious risk of losing his license, the scenario does seem unlikely. Cash was volunteering at a church that promotes it’s Christian values. Gay couples would be unlikely to even approach the church for marriage services.

A big unanswered question is, even though Cash intended on practicing discriminatory services, did the school lawfully remove him from the program based on a club’s values? Also, if a person chooses to discriminate and can find work where their religious obligations can be met, should the state be actively try to change that person’s value?

The public can still choose not to use the services with the power of the dollar. If the customer has the right to choose who they buy from, are they also allowed to dictate to private businesses what services they can provide?

Suzanne Shaw a spokesman for MSU, said the university prohibits discrimination. Cash has hired Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society, which represents clients on pro-life and religious freedom issues.



The Daily Show tackles Trans Rights Opponent

Watch Daily Show Segment on Trans Rights

Jessica Williams and The Daily Show aired a thoughtful segment last night on the issues transgender people are now facing, after a week where GOP dominate states passed new discriminatory laws. In the segment, Williams points out the disturbing harassment a transgender person may face on a daily basis, and the irrational arguments of religious zealots, that oppose LGBT rights.





Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the Mississippi Religious Freedom bill into law. The new law says that it protects the,

“sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private associations from discriminatory action by state government or its political subdivisions.”

Supporters of the law say, that this law is necessary to protect religious beliefs that stand in opposition to the Federal Government’s recognition of same-sex marriages. The law essentially allows businesses to discriminate based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity in areas of housing and employment. The law also affects wedding products, services, and goods. Mississippi goes further, now defining a person as a sole proprietorship, or closely held company, partnership, association, organization, firm, corporation, cooperative, trust, society, or other closely held entity. This allows businesses to act as individuals, who object to LGBT rights, to discriminate.

Bryan Dewan’s article on thinkprogress.com, points out how states like New York and Vermont have banned most states’ work-related travel to Mississippi.

North Carolina



The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act stipulates transgender people (and everyone else) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on their birth certificate. It also bars local governments from passing ordinances like Charlotte’s. Charlotte city council passed a ordinance stating that businesses, can’t discriminate against gay, lesbian, or transgender customers, in addition to long-standing protections based on race, age, religion, and gender. The ordinance applies to places of public accommodation, such as bars, restaurants, and stores. It also applies to taxis.

An excerpt from Nina Martin’s article on MotherJones.com, takes more rights away from United States citizens who identify as LGBT. It says:

“Tucked inside is language that strips North Carolina workers of the ability to sue under a state anti-discrimination law, a right that has been upheld in court since 1985. If you were fired because of your race, fired because of your gender, fired because of your religion,” said Allan Freyer, head of the Workers’ Rights Project at the North Carolina Justice Center in Raleigh, “you no longer have a basic remedy.”

Wednesday night’s edition of The Daily Show focused entirely on this issue. Catch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, on Comedy Central Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Central Time.