Superbowl Dream matchup for Belichick

1200px-NRG_stadium_prepared_for_Super_Bowl_Li_(32513086661) (1).jpg

Patriots Bill Belichick ecstatic about Falcons offense.

Rough, cruel, dismissive, jerk are the common adjectives to describe the public persona of Bill Belichick. Since 2000, the Patriots coach image has been marred by the media because of his behavior at press conferences. This behavior includes Belichick refusing to answer questions, glaring at reporters to signal his displeasure with a question that was asked. At times repeating the same answer over and over after a loss.

Belichick was also infamous for his hoodie. His hoodie always had cut off sleeves, and it looked like it had been dried outside hanging from a wire. Not exactly the sharpest article of clothing to wear while in front of 60, 000 people  fans in addition to the 20 million people watching at via satellite.

Whether it was the hoodie or the rude behavior at the press conferences, Belichick is not fazed by how this has shaped his reputation. However, It’s all planned, Belichick does none of this by accident. He is trying to send a clear message that his only concern is winning.

This Sunday, Belichick has a chance to collect his fifth Vince Lombardi Lombardi trophy by winning the Superbowl. Standing in his way is the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons offense was ranked number one in the regular season, and tied for seventh all time. Led by Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide reciever Julio Jones.

Julio Jones

Dynamic, explosive, potent are conservative adjectives to describe the Falcons offense. Falcons running back Devante Freeman described his offense perfectly,

“We can do whatever we want,” Freeman told PFT. “Pick your poison. It’s on us to execute. We’re grown men. We’re going down there for one reason and one reason only. And that’s to handle business.”

Belichick knows that’s not trash talk. Freeman is telling the absolute truth. Belichick is going to have his hands full when coming up with a game plan to slow down the Falcons.

The Patriots defense has given up the fewest amount of points this season, yet they weren’t tested by an offense like the one that the Falcons posses. Not mention the Patriots don’t have a lot of stars on their defense that compare to the stars on the Falcons offense.

“I’d say the stamp on the team, the thing that I would notice the most is just the speed, the team speed that the Falcons have,” Belichick told reporters Tuesday in a conference call.“They look like they’re faster than almost every team they play.”

In 2016, the Falcons ranked 1st in points (33.8 per game), 2nd in yards (415.8), 3rd in passing yards (295.3), and 5th in rushing yards (120.5).

The Falcons offense not only matches up well against the Patriots, it seems to be overwhelming. Jones, Muhammad Suna, Freeman, and Tevin Coleman have shredded defenses all year.

Devin McCourty, Rob Ninkovich, Malcom Butler are players with good reputations around the National Football League. However, they aren’t perceived as the best at their positions. Jones is regarded as the leagues best receiver.

Devin McCourty

Certainly the Patriots posses a high powered offense of their own, led by Quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is a candidate for MVP honors along with Ryan of the Falcons. The Patriots offense, without tight end Rob Gronkowski, is a matchup nightmare for the Falcons defense.

Belichick however, is known as a defensive prowess. In the late 80s and early 90s, Belichick made a name for himself as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants. Belichick’s defense was led by Hall of Fame Linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Taylor was maybe greatest defensive player to ever play in the NFL. Taylor and Belichick guided the Giants and coach Bill Parcells to wins in the 87′ Superbowl and 91′ Superbowl.

On Sunday, Belichick won’t have Taylor to disrupt the Falcons offense, putting the Patriots defense in a quagmire. How does that make him feel privately… Giggity.

Don’t be fooled, the Patriots defense is undermanned on purpose. Belichick has relished the chance, year after year to dismantle his team to add personal excitement.

Does anyone really believe that Belichick somehow forgot that Hall of Fame players like Taylor, help win the Superbowl. Of course not, but the same routine  year in and year gets mundane, even for Belichick.

In the last year the Patriots has dumped star Linebackers like  Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, as well as Vince Wilfork. Collins and Jones has problems, but so did Taylor.

It’s not that Belichick has gotten tired of winning, or is looking to sabotage his team. It’s more arousing this way for him.

Going against this Falcons offense, undermanned, is just the challenge the Belichick has been searching for.

This risky behavior comes at a price. A loss on Sunday would have even the most loyal of Patriots friend questioning the hoodie.

Even a death stare won’t make those questions go away.


Falcons 42- Patriots 35

Devante Freeman (24) Matt Ryan (2)

Get Exicted for Donald Trump


Have you ever had a class taught by bad teacher. A real bad teacher, who is also a jerk. A teacher who is tone-deaf and walks around as if they are better than the kids they are educating. A teacher who gives out loads of homework followed by ridiculously hard tests, while providing little help and clarity. A teacher who isolates from the human beings in the classroom they spend nearly everyday with.

Do you remember the bad kids in that classroom. They were hero’s to anyone who had the misfortune of attending that teacher’s class. Those bad kids would be cheered for getting thrown out of the classroom after disrespecting that teacher. To their classmates, it was a privilege to watch those kids get under the skin of that awful teacher.  Any other time an unruly behaving classmate is considered a distraction. But when you have a bad teacher, who is unwilling to understand and change their behavior, they are welcomed as saviors.

The most unruly classmate ever, just became President of the United States. Donald J. Trump might be the solution to the problem Americans have with its governing body. A loudmouth jackass is being used by the American electorate to combat Washington D.C. inaction.

Have you you ever seen the movie, “The Core”. The plot of the movie is, the Earth’s core has stopped moving. To get the core moving again, the scientist travel in a spaceship loaded with nuclear weapons and detonate those weapons. The force of those weapons provide the momentum that get the Earth’s core started again.

The spaceship is the Republican party and Donald Trump plays the role of the nukes.

Trump supporters are asking the American people, many who have spent the last 18 months being insulted by the President Elect, to allow Trump to blow up the government.

Initially Trump’s candidacy was seen as a farce. The Huffington Post early in Trump’s run for office decided that they would put him on the entertainment section. Big mistake. Trumps candidacy was propelled by antics from the news outlets like the Huffington Post.

What made his bid for office stronger is when Trumps childlike behavior upset members of his own party. However, Trumps constituency cheered how their candidate exposed the blatant hypocrisy. Republicans and Democrats acted like children when they refused to pass legislation over bogus party rules, while Americans suffered. The party establishment’s jig was up and not even television outlets could quiet the whistle Trump was blowing.

But the greatest gift Trump and his team received was from the Democratic Party. Voters routinely demonstrated an unwillingness to support Hillary Clinton. Yet the party rigged her primary win over Bernie Sanders and the voters made Democrats suffer dearly.

Democrats will now have to live with the reality that Sanders could very well be the President -Elect now, if they would not have silenced the people. Those who feel threatened by Trumps administration and policies should thank the Democrats.

Especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who Trump should send a cake. His approval rating might receive an early boast if he sent strippers instead.

Schultz leaked emails, described how she cheated a deserving Sanders  out of the nomination, proving once and for all to voters, how corrupt both sides of the political divide behaves. Trump supporters rightfully punished both parties on election day.

Thanks to both Democrats and Republicans, the American people have a President who’s testimony and behavior is repulsive and maybe criminal. However, the criminal behavior of Capitol Hill has been far worse, for much longer.

Trumps behavior threatens the safety and well being of many Americans who he has been elected to serve. Yet beyond his divisive talking points, Trump has openly addressed the issues  facing this nation. He at least has promised action.

“Our country is in serious trouble. We don’t have victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have them. When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let’s say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I beat China all the time. All the time.

When did we beat Japan at anything? They send their cars over by the millions, and what do we do? When was the last time you saw a Chevrolet in Tokyo? It doesn’t exist, folks. They beat us all the time.

When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. But they’re killing us economically.

The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems.”

Right hear before Trump incites minorities with the racism that accompanied his campaign, he strikes a nerve with voters.

Trump address how the auto industry has used trade deals to exploit U.S. consumers and families. Motor cities such as Detroit have been abandoned with the help of the U.S. government.

Billionaires and millionaires illegally hire immigrants and do so with no penalty.  He also addressed how the U.S. has been called upon to fight others country’s wars.

“We spent $2 trillion in Iraq, $2 trillion. We lost thousands of lives, thousands in Iraq. We have wounded soldiers, who I love, I love — they’re great — all over the place, thousands and thousands of wounded soldiers.

And we have nothing. We can’t even go there. We have nothing. And every time we give Iraq equipment, the first time a bullet goes off in the air, they leave it.”

The U.S. government has failed to address the role it continues to play in wars that have cost American lives.

Trump asked voters reach beyond the bigotry, misogyny and antics to see his greater point. Maybe we should not look beyond these things. Truth is, no matter how much you may despise you neighbor, your neighbor is likely to face the same challenges that you do. It’s time to recognize those differences and work together. It was good that Trump cleared the air.

Trump will never be the authoritative leader that he romantically fantasizes about.  However he does present the opportunity to face our differences and problems and find real solutions.

“I watch the speeches of these people, and they say the sun will rise, the moon will set, all sorts of wonderful things will happen. And people are saying, “What’s going on? I just want a job. Just get me a job. I don’t need the rhetoric. I want a job.”

Thank god for the baddest kid in class.

Avoid Being Blindsided, Heisman Race Isn’t Over

Not so fast Lamar Jackson, history sets precedent for Heisman upset. 

Let’s be clear, Louisville Cardinals quarterback Lamar Jackson is the rightful owner of the 2016 Heisman trophy.  Jackson has accounted for 45 touchdowns and there’s at least three game remaining for Jackson to play.

Jackson has passed for 26 touchdowns and 2,753 yards and rushed for 19 touchdowns and 1,181 yards. Jackson ranks first in the nation in rushing touchdowns and fifth in rushing yards.

Statistics alone doesn’t decide who brings the trophy home. Heisman candidates also need to win a lot of games and produce spectacular plays in games. Jackson has both on his Heisman resume.

The Cardinals are 8-1, the lone loss coming against the undefeated Clemson Tigers. As for spectacular plays, Jackson has produced them liberally.

While playing Syracuse on Sept. 9, Jackson hurdled a defensive back  on his way to a rushing touchdown. During the stomping of Florida State, Jackson showed off his speed when he knifed through the Seminole defense for a 47-yard touchdown. As he reached the end zone he spun between to defenders and held the ball out away from his body with one hand, providing Cards fans with a memory they won’t soon forget.

Jackson should already have his name on the plaque for this years trophy. However the Heisman trophy is not an award that is handed out, it’s voted on.  Voters, especially Heisman voters, have a history of voting for the wrong candidate. Even when the choice seems clear cut.

Last Years Debacle

Last year, Alabama running back Derrick Henry won the Heisman trophy. Henry was arguably the best player on the team that would win the National Championship. Before he won the trophy, Henry rushed for 1,896 yards and 23 touchdowns. When the Tide played their toughest competition, Henry had best rushing performances. Any other year, Henry would have been the rightful winner. It was not any other year.

Christian McCaffrey was the most dominant player in 2015. McCaffrey scored 15 touchdowns before the Heisman ceremony. McCaffrey rushed for eight, caught four, scored another on a kick return and passed for two. McCaffrey racked up 3,496 yards from scrimmage, numbers that resembled Barry Sanders when he won the trophy.

Unlike Sanders, McCaffrey received nothing for his record breaking year. Not the Heisman, the Walter Camp or the Doak Walker. All those awards are supposed to be handed to the nations best player, which McCaffrey was.

West Coast Bias was the main reason McCaffrey lost the Heisman race. None of the voters stayed up late to watch the games McCaffrey played in. Most of the voters live on the east coast and the west coast games start at 10:oo pm on the east coast.

McCaffrey however, is not the first player to be jilted by the Downtown Athletic Club.

Should Be Winners

604px-Darren_McFadden.jpgDarren McFadden McFadden holds the distinction as being the only man to finish second in Heisman balloting for two consecutive years. In 2006, he finished behind Troy Smith and the following year to Tim Tebow.

In 2007, McFadden finished second it was because of Tebow’s popularity, not Tebow’s on-field achievements.

Yes, Tebow scored 55 touchdowns in ’07. Tebow made a strong case to take home the Heisman. But his team did not live up to expectations and he was the main reason why.

McFadden had a tremendous ’07 season. He rushed for 1,830 yards and 16 touchdowns. He tossed four touchdowns passes and hauled in a touchdown reception800px-tebow. McFadden was the best running back on the Razorbacks, despite the presence of All-American Felix Jones. McFadden was also the best quarterback on his team.

McFadden led his team to a win over the eventual National Champions LSU Tigers, in Baton Rouge.

Tebow, a quarterback with a team stacked with future NFL players, lost to LSU in Gainesville, Florida.


Larry Fitzgerald, Darren Sproles Jason White should not have won the 2003 Heisman. He was not the best player on his team, not to mention the entire country.

White played for the Oklahoma Sooners  and passed for 40 touchdowns in 2003. White played in a offense that allowed him to put up great stats.

jwhiteWhite’s success was just a mirage and his winning of the Heisman is still controversial. It was obvious at the time, White benefited from playing on a great team.

White Heisman wasn’t the only controversy the Sooners benefited from in 2003. After losing to Darren Sproles and the Kansas State Wildcats 35-7, in the Big 12 Championship game, the BCS computers ranked Oklahoma number one. Placing the Sooners in the National Champions vs LSU. A game the Sooners lost.

Fitzgerald or Sproles should have won the ’03 Heisman. Both made spectacular plays and played on winning teams.

Michael Vick, Drew Brees, Peter Warrick  The Heisman is supposed to be awarded to the most outstanding college football player in America. In 1999, Ron Dayne did not fit this description. Virginia Tech’s Vick,  Purdue’s Brees, and FSU’s Warrick were all better players then Dayne.

Watch this Warrick highlight reel. Warrick’s saucy moves in the open field rendered tacklers efforts futile. His FSU team played won National Championship that year and never lost a game. Warrick was also far more entertaining to watch then Dayne.

Speaking of entertaining, how about Vick. Long before he packed the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Vick was a must see attraction Blacksburg, Virginia. Vick’s open field running, combined with the cannon described as his left arm put on a show every Saturday. He led the Hookies to the National Championship game with an undefeated record.

Brees was the best player in the Big Ten. Brees and Purdue did lose to Dayne at home in ’99. Brees was playing on a team that was far less talented then one a quarterback of his talents deserved. Brees led a passing attack that carved up secondaries all season.

Losing to Dayne was one thing, but none of these guys took second place. Joe Hamilton from Georgia Tech did. Voters got both slots wrong on the ’99 ballot.

Dark Horses

University_of_Washington_Block_W_logo_RGB_brand_colors.SVG.pngJake Browning Washington QB Browning has been steady all year. If Louisville loses again he has a shot. Browning has tossed 34 touchdown passes and has a 67.7 completion percentage. A gaudy performance in the PAC 12 Championship game could swing voters late in the process.

Michigan_Wolverines_logo.svg.pngJabrill Peppers Michigan Weapon A few things need to happen for the countries most versatile player too take home the Heisman. First, Louisville loses bad. Second, Michigan continues to dominate opponents. Third and probably most important, Peppers needs a punt return for a touchdown against Ohio State. Michigan legends Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson, returned punts for touchdowns against Ohio State the year they won the Heisman.

Deshaun_Watson_2016.jpgClemson_University_Tiger_Paw_logo.svg.pngDeShaun Watson Clemson QB Watson may not have a chance at winning but could play the role of spoiler, like a third party candidate. Clemson and Louisville play in the same division of the ACC. As long as Clemson keeps winning, Louisville won’t be playing on conference championship weekend.  A terrific performance by Watson might be able to split the voters in the south and east coast. The argument could be made that Jackson season while memorable, was inconsequential.

CrimsonTideAlogo.pngJalen Hurts Alabama QB Keep an eye open for a late surge in his campaign. Hurts leads the best college football team in the nation right now. Only a freshman and Hurts commanded the Alabama’s offense like a senior. This past weekends clutch performance against LSU definitely  raised eyebrows. Hurts has played tougher competition than Jackson all season. Don’t be surprised to see Hurts name climb the ballot.






Coach Jones Chases RB Hurd Off Campus

Tennessee star running back Jalen Hurd announced that he will be transferring from Knoxville. This announcement comes three weeks after Hurd was benched for most of the second half on  Oct. 21, when the Vols played at Georgia.

With 7:14 seconds left in the second quarter, Vols QB Joshua Dobbs threw what should have been a touchdown pass to Hurd. Hurd caught the ball, but thinking no one was around him, relaxed. Hurd did not see Georgia defensive back Deandre Baker and Baker drilled Hurd causing a fumble that Georgia recovered.

Coach Butch Jones was understandably upset with Hurd for costing the team points. The touchdown would have been the teams first points scored in the game. Instead they were behind on the scoreboard, 10-0.

Georgia was leading 17-7 with 10:31 left in the third quarter, when Hurd caught a touchdown reception from Dobbs, making the score 17-14.

Well after Hurd’s touchdown, he caught on CBS cameras sitting on the bench without his helmet. CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce reported live during the telecast, that Hurd was not receiving medical attention, and was not being talked to by coaches. He was benched.

Tennessee would go on to complete the comeback and win the game 34-31 on a hail-mary play, without Hurd.

The next week Tennessee lost to Texas A&M, Hurd did not play. An apparent injury was the reason that was given for Hurd’s absence. Hurd did return the following week to play the University of Alabama, the Vols lost 49-10.

Hurd was not injured, Jones suspended Hurd to transfer blame to distract critics from his poor coaching. Now Hurd is transferring away from Jones.

Hurd is a big play-maker and a future NFL star. He made an honest mistake by pulling up on what should have been a touchdown reception against Georgia. Yet he should not have taken all the blame.

Hurd played a limited role when the Vols lost to the University of South Carolina on Oct. 29.  Hurd only ran the ball eight times but did score a touchdown. Jones clearly was not over the mistake at Georgia and was continuing to punish Hurd.

Jones just couldn’t let the one play go.

For one it was a good play by Baker. Baker left the man he was covering and sneaks up behind Hurd to knock the ball loose.

Earlier in the college football season, multiple college football players dropped the ball on the one-yard line on what should have been touchdowns. While Hurd’s play resembles those plays, Hurd just didn’t see Baker and was hit hard. It wasn’t the worst crime committed by a Vol this season.

No, the worst crimes were committed by Jones and the coaching staff. The team was constantly facing halftime deficits and players like Hurd and Dobbs would always score enough touchdowns in the second half to help the team win.

Jones overreaction and unnecessary discipline of Hurd, prompted Hurd to transfer Tuesday. Jones lack of leadership intangibles and ineffectiveness as a coached has likely doomed the rest of Tennessee season and probably his job.

The Vols had high hopes for 2016. Many college football fans and media believed the Vols were favorites to win the SEC East. The team did start 5-0 but now have lost three games in a row.

Jones will likely be gone at the end of this year, just like Hurd. Even with arguably the most athletic team in the SEC, Jones has not been able to produce enough wins since he became the head coach in 20113. After the way he has treated Hurd its not hard to see why someone with the character of Jones keeps losing.

Hurd has not stated which school he will transfer to.

Butch Jones

College Football: I’ve learned nothing.


Aerial photograph of Neyland Stadium at the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee River. The fans in different sections are wearing orange and white colored shirts to emulate the endzone checkerboard pattern in the stands.

I had my shovel ready. Gary Danielson, the color commentator for the game on CBS, thought it was over. The Florida Gators lead at halftime 21- 3 and Danielson said, “The radio stations are going to be hot after this one.” At the time he was right. Most observers and fans however were completely wrong about the Tennessee Volunteers by the end of the game.

The Vols struggled in their first game against FCS school Appalachian State. Knoxville residents were not pleased with the 20-13 victory. A trip to Bristol Motor Speedway seemed to bring some calm to Rocky Top with high expectations. Tennessee routed Virginia Tech 45-24, but then had another disappointing win against Ohio University. Knowing  all of this, I was ready to bury the  rest of their season in Neyland Stadium.

That’s when all hell broke loose.

I don’t know what Butch Jones said to those kids, but they came out in the second -half poised. They believed in the adjustments made at halftime and executed. Producing a monumental momentum swing.

The momentum swing started when Vols QB Josh Dobbs threw a touchdown pass to a wide open Jalen Hurd. Hurd was open on a wheel route that started out of the backfield. Hurd’s touchdown is a notable adjustment made by Tennessee, because the next Vols touchdown by Ethan Wolf, started with Wolf lined up in the backfield.

The Vols outscored the Gators 34- 7 in the second half.Tennessee finished the game  with 21 fourth quarter points, for a 38-28 win.

SEC up in the air?

So Tennessee is 4-0, but what did they prove? I’m not sure if the Vols have a chance of beating Alabama in the SEC championship game. I’m not sure what I believe about the SEC. Ole Miss after playing Alabama tough, beat down Georgia 45-14. Texas A&M is 4-0 after beating Arkansas. Arkansas is a really good football team, so you can’t count them out. What I’m sure of is there is a lot more drama to this SEC season, then I originally thought.

Les_Miles_060622-A-7969G-008_0T62T_crop.jpgNot for Les Miles though. He and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron were fired Sunday. I’m not sure who they are going to replace Miles with but he had to go. Ed Orgeron is the interim coach for now, but it’s a shame it had to happen this way. Cameron was a disaster and Miles stood by him, for no reason other than friendship. Miles has to learn this lesson at his next stop. LSU fans should be worried though, their next head coach could be Lane Kiffin.

Don’t get in this Lane

Speaking of Kiffin, he better not get that LSU job. If he does, I’M CALLING FOUL! That’s right, institutional racism in college coaching. Kiffin has already been the head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Tennessee Vols, and USC. What minority coach has gotten that many opportunities? Randy Shannon is the associate head coach at Florida, and the former Miami Hurricanes head coach. He has yet to receive a second opportunity, this would be Kiffin’s fourth. I won’t say anything about Tom Herman, who is likely to get the job (if Houston does not win a national championship). Kiffin? Not him, not this job. Shannon at Miami graduated more players than any coach previous to him, during his tenure. He got fired because he did not win and recruit enough criminals, but he deserves a second shot. LSU should not be let off the hook if they hire Kiffin.



Wisconsin Badgers celebrating their win over Minnesota Golden Gophers by carrying around Paul Bunyan’s Axe after the game Oct 3, 2009

Count on Wisconsin to be this years October surprise. The Badgers have come out of nowhere to 4-0. This team has already surpassed expectations. Corey Clement is a good running back, he is not a dominant player Melvin Gordon or Montee Ball, but he is very good. Clement and the Badger defense has transformed Wisconsin into title contenders and the Big 10 to competitive conference.




Michigan, Ohio State, and now Wisconsin along with Nebraska, make the Big 10 the showcase conference for 2016. Get ready for some exciting Saturday’s. In particular this Saturday when Wisconsin travels to Ann Arbor to take on the Wolverines.

Oklahoma Chokes as it Blows

Photo Bob Stoops Licensed on Flickr with CC-BY-SA-2.0

I can’t in recent memory remember a team and a coach that has let me down more times then Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners. Now to be clear, I believed they would lose to the University of Houston, which they did on Sept. 3, 33-23. After that loss I believed the Sooners would rebound after beating up on Louisiana- Monroe, and defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes on Sept. 17. Well they beat ULM, and subsequently got humiliated by the Buckeyes. Seriously, it’s one thing to lose, its another to get annihilated 45-24.

Am I wrong to expect more from Stoops, who is not only a national champion (2000), but has won 9 Big 12 Championships? What is missing from this OU team? Baker Mayfield finished fourth in Heisman voting last year, Samaje Perine and Joe Mixon are the best backfield tandem in the country. Charles Walker is a potential first round pick at defensive tackle. Walker leads a defense that is full of future pros. What is missing? Ohio State is a well coached school with a more recent national championship success, but is OU that bad?

To be honest, maybe OU is that bad. In retrospective Stoops nickname, “Big Game Bob” is ratcheting up my ire. The real reason I am pissed, is not only did OU lose and cost themselves any chance at a playoff birth, but Houston as well. Houston is the most deserving team of a college football playoff selection.  If OU would have beaten Ohio State and won the Big 12, ( which they could still do) a chaos scenario would have emerged. I want chaos!!! Now Houston and the University of Louisville for that matter needs a prayer to get in. The playoff committee is not interested in a Cinderella story like Houston or Louisville. Their job is to get the largest payday for schools and conferences. Which means they need a large fan bases to buy tickets to these games. Unfortunately that doesn’t exist at Houston or Louisville like it does at Southern California, Ohio State, or Oklahoma. It’s midnight for Cinderella.

Speaking of let downs, what in the hell happened to Florida State? Losing 63-20 to Louisville, 63! They didn’t just lose, or get outscored, FSU was dominated in every aspect of that football game. I can remember watching the University of Texas play Nebraska in the Big 12 championship game in 2009, and I was astonished how the Texas O-line got dominated by Ndamukong Suh and the Nebraska defensive line. Louisville may have topped that performance Saturday night. They were able to knock FSU back and hold future first round pick  Dalvin Cook, to 3.4 yards per carry. How bad was it? Louisville missed a field goal with 13:20 seconds remaining in the second quarter, Florida State then scored a touchdown, making the score 14-10. UL then scored 6 unanswered touchdowns.

Even worse, now I gotta tip my hat to Louisville coach Bobby Petrino. Say what you will and I’m thinking the same thing, but no one bounces back better from more self-inflicted adversity then Petrino. Petrino for all his public personal flaws can really coach a football team. He will likely and be well deserving of enshrinement in the College Football Hall of Fame. Petrino is still most responsible for putting Louisville football in the national conversation as one of the best college programs in the country. When he does leave Louisville ( which he will) and takes his next big time coaching job at Mississippi State or Arizona State, he will deserve it. He has paid a price for his dubious actions, and it’s time to move on.

Here are the biggest winners and losers from this past weekend. Omission: Louisville. Even though they had a gigantic win, I can’t say they were big winners. Oklahoma lost, so they were big loser as well for reasons I pointed out earlier. So even if they beat Houston, what will it mean? Florida St would need to win the ACC (don’t count on it). Two conference champions would have to have at least a two or three losses. Teams like Stanford and Baylor. In summary, they won big and lost big.


My brother and Ohio State fans My younger brother warned me about picking against Ohio State. No way I thought Ohio State would be that good, in Norman. O-H-I-O looked dominant. I do wonder how long the can win games with the puny arm strength of QB J.T. Barrett. Let me stop hating, they won and they are starting to remind me of Kobe’s Lakers. When you pick against them, they leave you silent in front of your T.V. contemplating life decisions.

Michigan State Big win over Notre Dame, and the Spartans have a really good passing attack featuring QB Tyler O’Connor and WR Donnie Corley. The Spartans are a team to look out for, especially since they came into this season under the radar. The Big 10 conference is no longer a two team race. Things could get interesting for Michigan and Ohio State before late November.

North Dakota State The Bison make this look routine but beating #13 ranked Iowa in Iowa City was special. Congratulations to the Bison for continuing to dominate their schedule year in and year out. Question is, how long can they maintain head coach Chris Klieman? There is a $8 million per year check out there for him when he wants it.


These Fools Joe Mixon, Vic Enwere, and all the other players who have fumbled the ball on the 1 yard line before scoring a touchdown. This is getting on my last nerve, cross the goal line and then punt the ball into the stands. At least then you have done something positive while punishing your team. Personally I hope their respective coaches punishes them hard with some type of community service. This is so uncalled for.

Oregon Is it really over? Has Oregon really fallen behind this much much since Marcus Mariota graduated. To lose to Nebraska, a program that has been a footnote in recent college football history is disturbing. Eugene is home to great facilities and a state of the art campus. During that game Nebraska had superior players. That’s disheartening.

Georgia Yes they won, they beat Missouri 28-27 in Columbia. However, Kirby Smart has to get this offense together. This is a team that is struggling with injuries, but not to the point where they should be playing close games to the Tigers. They got the win but it’s certainly not a good sign for a team that was supposed to challenge Alabama.

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Recently I learned the difference between what is legal and illegal. When I started this website, the goal was to to create a fun media platform that I could one day make money from. I asked friends and family for advice, and one friend in particular addressed a concern she had.

The original idea for this site was to create a news website, to address issues that was important, and insightful. I also really wanted to address news that I believe, was inappropriately ignored  by the world around me. So my strategy, was to provide content that you the viewer would be interest in, get you hooked, and finally suffocate you, in the important news or issue.

Then  my friend who I was asking advice from, informed me that some of the videos and pictures I was using was in fact, illegal. It didn’t matter if I credited the source or not, it was illegal. I was putting myself in serious jeopardy of being sued. Thanks Buddy!

So after going through and taking down all the stuff i stole, I’ve been looking for free content using public domain sites. The goal is to find content that can help this website become more entertaining. Its harder than it looks.

It’s very hard to find great free stuff that will capture someone’s attention. However, until I obtain the proper permission slips, this will do.

With that being said I now bring to you a shameless free video, that hopefully will bring more viewers in.

X-ray ‘Echoes’ Map a Supermassive Black Hole’s Environs