College Football Awards

For some college football players , Chirstmas is coming early. Here is WWN’s picks for college football’s most prestigious awards.

Heisman Trophy

Heisman (Best Player): Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

Passing  220-382, 3,390 yds, 30 TDs, 9 Ints

Rushing 234 car. 1538 yds, 21 TDs

Bednarik (Best Defensive Player): Alabama DE Jonathan Allen

6 sacks, 1 Int, 2 passes defended

Fred Biletnikoff Trophy

Biletnikoff ( Best Receiver): Oklahoma WR Dede Westbrook

70 rec, 1354 yds, 15 TDs

Butkus (Best Linebacker): Virginia LB Micah Kiser

131 tackles, 7 sacks, Int, 4 forced fumbles

Walter Camp (Best Offensive Player): Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

Passing  220-382, 3,390 yds, 30 TDs, 9 Ints

Rushing 234 car. 1538 yds, 21 TDs

Groza (Best Placekicker): Ole Miss K Gary Wunderlich

22-23 made field goals (95.7%)

Guy (Best Punter) : Utah P Mitch Wishnowsky

60 punts, 2879 yards, 48 avg.

Lombardi_Logo.jpgLombardi (Best Lineman or Linebacker) : Alabama DE Jonathan Allen

6 sacks, 1 Int, 2 passes defended

Mackey (Best Tight End): Ole Miss TE Evan Engram

65 rec, 926 yds, 8 TDs

Maxwell (Best Player): Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

Passing  220-382, 3,390 yds, 30 TDs, 9 Ints

Rushing 234 car. 1538 yds, 21 TDs

Nagurski (Best Defensive Lineman) : Alabama DE Jonathan Allen

6 sacks, 1 Int, 2 passes defended

O’Brien (Best Quarterback): Louisville QB Lamar Jackson

Passing  220-382, 3,390 yds, 30 TDs, 9 Ints

Rushing 234 car. 1538 yds, 21 TDs

Outland (Best Interior Player) : Alabama T Cam Robinson

Remington Trophy

Rimington (Best Center) : LSU C Ethan Pocic

Thorpe (Best Defensive Back): Ohio State S Malik Hooker

67 tackles, sack, 6 Ints, 3 TDs

Doak Walker Trophy

Walker (Best Running Back): SDSU RB Donnel Pumphrey

305 car, 1908 yds, 15 TDs

Hornung (Best Returner): USC CB Adoree Jackson

Kick-Off return: 671 yds 2 TDs/Punt return: 302 yds 2 TDs

Coach of the Year ( Pick A Sponsor): Western Michigan P.J. Fleck

Tony Romo Hoax

flag-bearers_in_cowboy_hats_whip_up_enthusiasm_in_the_crowd_with_a_brisk_run_with_flags_displaying_the_dallas_cowboys_lone-star_emblem_at_the_cowboys_home_field_att_stadium_in_arlington_texas_lccnDespite press conference, Tony Romo will Start at Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in coming weeks.

Chip readers for debit and credit cards are a waste of time. A big ass waste of time. Instead of customers’ swiping there card and having the machine read it so, they can complete their purchase in a timely manner, they now have to wait.

Customers’ used to be able to pay for item’s at a store by swiping there card. The machine would then reads the card quickly and instantly respond to the prompt answers. It is the most convenient way for customers’ to make payments. Now however, if customers’ have a chip on there card, they must use the chip reader.

Customers’ insert the chip side of the card into the machine. Then wait for the machine to read the card. Debit or credit? Then they wait some more. Cash back? Then they wait some more. Pin number? Then they wait some more. Approved. Now wait for a receipt to print.

Is this a ploy to get people to interact? Maybe the powers want the customers to be less hostile to the customer service representative at the store. The chip is a waste of time.

Chip reader’s can be found all over AT & T stadium where the Dallas Cowboys play. It is fitting that chip readers are at AT & T stadium where the Cowboy waste time coming up with ploys.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo’s press conference on Tuesday.  Romo held the press conference to publicly support his teammate and quarterback Dakota Prescott. Was this a ploy?

The attending press as well as the people watching at home, wasted a good portion of their day on this nonsense.

“We all know something magical is happening to our team. I’m not going to allow this situation to negatively affect Dak or this football team by becoming a constant distraction. I think Dak knows that I have his back. And I think I know that he has mine.”

Romo addressed the rhetoric on sports T.V. shows, radio and newspapers, by reading a statement. The rhetoric, that is largely being pushed by the team owner Jerry Jones, is that when Romo is completely healthy, he will be inserted into the starting line-up.

Romo injured his back during a preseason game 10 weeks ago.

Dak_prescott_2016.jpgRomo did the right thing by publicly supporting Prescott. The Cowboys have the best record in the NFC and last weak defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Romo doesn’t want to be a distraction when he is the back-up quarterback Sunday, when the Cowboys play the Baltimore Ravens.

“He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say, he’s earned that right. He’s guided our team to an 8-1 record, and that’s hard to do,” Romo said about Dak.

Please don’t fall for any of this. Romo’s press conference was a sham and he is purposely misleading the public about the quarterback situation with the Cowboys.

For starters, the Cowboys have seven games left to play this season. While Prescott has played stellar through the first nine, that doesn’t guarantee his stellar play will continue. The Cowboys are in position to make the playoffs and potential have a first round bye.

Romo has led the Cowboys to the playoffs three times since 2006, when he was named the starter.

So even though Prescott has already accomplished a lot, the season is not over. If Prescott begins to struggle and put the playoffs and the first round bye in jeopardy, are the Cowboys going to stick with him? Of course not.

Romo is not stepping aside. What he meant to say was he isn’t going to lobby to the Cowboys brass after a win like he did last week, for a the starting job. 

Would Romo have read that statement after a loss? If the Cowboys were 7-2 or 6-3, would Romo have supported Prescott after a win? Probably not. There is a lot at stake for the Cowboys. If the winning stops, the lobbying will start.

Another reason why no one should believe Romo, is he knows how limited Prescott is.

Prescott is a better version of Tim Tebow as a quarterback. The similarities are obvious between Prescott and Tebow. Both thrived in college under Dan Mullen’s offensive system.

Dak_Prescott_20151105.pngMullen, who is the head coach at Mississippi State, was the offensive coordinator at Florida when Tebow was the starting quarterback.

Early success in their NFL careers is another similarity between Tebow and Prescott. Tebow, during his second year in the NFL, became the starting quarterback for the struggling Denver Broncos and helped them reached the playoffs.

Both seem to have a unique leadership ability. Prescott and Tebow attitudes make their teammates play harder and smarter.

Prescott passing abilities make them different. Prescott is an efficient passer, something Tebow never was. Tebow was an effective passer, Prescott is both. Prescott passing keeps the offense on schedule. Cowboys have a 47 percent success rate on third down because the Cowboys have a short distance to tavel for a first down (ranked 4th best in the NFL). As opposed to third and a long distance for a first down, which is the situation Tebow constantly put his teams in. Broncos converted 31 percent of third downs in 2011, the year Tebow was the primary quarterback (3rd worst).

Prescott passing might make him better than Tebow but he is not a better option than Romo. He is limited as a quarterback and might be peeking as a player at this point of the season.

Prescott like Tebow, handle’s adversity poorly while playing quarterback. Instead of standing in the pocket and waiting until the absolute last minute to throw the correct pass. Prescott like Tebow is prone to run, something they were taught by Mullen.

If Prescott continues to run away from pressure he will eventually run into traps. Traps that Romo is already aware of.

Prescott is in the developmental stage as a football player. Are the Cowboys prepared to risk the potential of this season on Prescott’s development? Of course not, that is what Jones has been signaling to the press after football games and during this week.

“I really don’t want to sit here and think that we got two quarterbacks ready to play and one of them not be ready because he didn’t take some snaps out there,”Jones said according to ESPN.


Finally, Prescott also appears to be playing with a limited playbook. Something that benefits him and the team because it restrains coach Jason Garrett.

Unfortunately for Prescott, Garrett has proven that he can’t suppress his appetite for points and yardage. Eventually Garrett, will surrender to those desires at the expense of strategy.

One of the biggest reason’s Romo has only been to the playoffs three times in the 10 years he’s been a starter, is that Garrett asked too much of him. Romo had the responsibility of scoring to cover up for the bad field position the team would have. He was asked to score to cover up the bad defense that the Cowboys had.

Garrett never fixed those problems because his desire to score points. Prescott has forced Garrett to pay attention to those team issues. Last year also helped Garrett focus on those issues. Yet, the darkside of Garrett lurks and he will want to use Romo to put up points, at the expense of winning.

That means Prescott is on the hot seat to keep producing and improving at linear trajectory. This won’t and has never happened.

What Romo did on Tuesday was put on an act. Romo wanted to assure Cowboy fans that when he replaces Prescott, that it wan’t a ploy.

Jerry Jones interview highlighted the Cowboys ture plan.

“It’s not a goodbye,” Jones said Thursday. “I think Tony has got five years left of really competing for a Super Bowl. I believe Tony will be the quarterback on a Super Bowl team. I believe that strongly. We’re talking generic now, and I have no plans for him not to be part of the Dallas Cowboys. Not a consideration.”

The return of Romo will start Sunday. Prescott is expected to struggle against a fierce Ravens defense. The Ravens are known for having a brilliant defensive game plan that limits their opponents. Of course, that could also be said about the Steelers.

Expect for Romo to play. The Cowboys could use a new winkle for teams to adjust to. Romo could be a unwelcome surprise for the Ravens. It would also give teams something else to spend time and get prepared for.

At least then Romo wouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time.


Pitt, Iowa, Duke, Southern California, Ole Miss, Georgia add exclamation points and discredit pollsters.

Leave it to college football to cap off a week of stunning upsets. #2 Clemson, #3 Michigan and #4 Washington are reeling after losing to conference opponents.

“We didn’t make enough plays to extend drives, and convert first downs,” Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said as reported by Land of 10. “Close, but we just … give Iowa credit. The tackled, they blocked, they played a very good football game. … We’ve got to move on.”

Harbaugh sentiments are felt by coaches around the country. Definitely those coaches who teams were predicted to win. However, games are not decided by projection algorithms. Games are won because of the execution of the players on the field.

It was only a matter of time before these upsets happened. Fortunately for college football fans, players can’t be counted on. Coaches try to isolate players so they can focus on the goal of winning. This past weekend showed that the players finally got caught up in foregone conclusions.

Clemson, a preseason favorite to make the playoffs struggled all year to show the potential fans assumed they possessed. Clemson players bought into the hype that quarterback Deshaun Watson could always rescue them when the games got close. The Pitt Panther’s proved them wrong with a last second field goal.

“We had a chance to put the game away and they stopped us,” Clemson coach Dabo Swinney said as reported by the Charlotte Observer. “We had been making those kinds of plays this year.”

#4 Washington may have suffered the most defining upset. Unlike Michigan and Clemson who lost by a point, Washington loss by 13.
Washington started the game against USC with an interception followed by a field goal, to take a three point lead. Their lead lasted 14:59 seconds. USC tied the game with a field goal of their own. After that, Washington never stepped up and make big plays to retake the lead. Consequently they were losing when the horn sounded to end the game.
Like Michigan, Washington benefited from playing a easy schedule of opponents. Those teams did not test Michigan or Washington’s ability to overcome adversity.
Michigan and Washington proved to be frauds on Saturday. Their basic game plans of lining up and knocking their opponents could never be sustained against tougher competition. Harbaugh and Washington coach Gary Peterson, were never prepared to make the necessary adjustments to combat their clever foes this weekend. They had in fact assumed that their opponents would shrink to perception that they were unbeatable .
“A wonderful football team that won’t be denied,” said coach Clay Helton about his team according to the L.A. Times.
“We know the season didn’t start how we wanted,” Adoree Jackson said. “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”
Only two teams remain unbeaten, Alabama and Western Michigan. The rest of college football is in a major tailspin after this weekend.
Louisville is currently ahead of Clemson in the Atlantic Division of the ACC. Washington is now second place in the Pac 12 Northern Division behind Washington State. Michigan still sits in first place of the Big 10 East Division, but another loss would elevate Penn State to the top spot.
The best part about all of this, these team must face each other in a couple of weeks. Even better, bitter rivals  such as Kentucky, Ohio State and Auburn have a chance to create even more chaos.
College football fans are in for a wild conclusion to the 2016 season.

Who to trust?

Believe in momentum and no team in the entire country has more momentum than Louisville. The Cardinals are being led by the Heisman front runner and a coach who has nothing to lose.

Booby Petrino has payed a price for his actions over his career. But he seems to benefit from coaching as if everyday could be his last.

Lamar Jackson, Pertrino’s star quarterback has a lean build. Yet Pertino has not been deterred to call for his best player to run the ball. Jackson is the nations leader in running touchdowns. Even though he did not rush for a touchdown during the victory Saturday against Wake Forest, Jackson did rush the ball 22 times for 153 yards.

Pay attention, 2016 is the year of the Cardinal. It’s time for fans to buy in now and believe in Jackson and Petrino. Don’t be shocked if Petrino is handed the National Championship Trophy in early January.

What a great story it would be if Louisville, Kentucky, home of Muhammad Ali, shakes up the world.

Hurd’s Exit Open’s Vol’s Concussion Controversy

Jalen Hurd’s Stepfathers Facebook Post Prompts New Questions

Jalen Hurd announced Monday of his intentions to transfer from the University of Tennessee. Tuesday night, Hurd’s parents released statements via social media that raised eyebrows.

Arthur Smotherman is Jalen Hurd’s stepfather, here some of his comments.

“The truth of the matter is, Jalen Hurd had a concussion at the Georgia game,” Smotherman said. “It didn’t happen on the end zone play, it happened in the beginning of the third quarter when he fell on his head. He didn’t think he was hurt, he went back in the game – he realized that he was hurting more than he thought. So they didn’t put him back in the game the rest of the game as part of concussion protocol.”

Okay, Hurd left the game because he suffered a concussion. Smotherman said the play didn’t happen in the end zone. The concussion occurred sometime early during third quarter.

This story is not making sense.

Here is what everyone seems to agree on.

  1. Jalen Hurd transferring from Tennessee is connected to how he was treated during Georgia game on Oct 1.
  2. Jalen Hurd did not finish the game.
  3. CBSSports reported that Hurd would miss the game against Texas A&M the following week, due to lower leg injury.

Here is the full CBS telecast from the Georgia- Tennessee game courtesy of You Tube.

Tennessee VS Georgia

We will use this video as our Zebruter film. Take a look at these crucial points in the video to get a clear view of what took place.

49:00 The start of the play where Hurd makes the costly fumble. Coach Butch Jones skin turns red as he shouts, “What are you doing!”

1:24:50 Hurd catches touchdown pass from QB Joshua Dobbs.

1:34:00 After Georgia offensive possession, Tennessee starts new drive with Hurd on sideline. Drive ends after three plays.

1:41:00 Tennessee starts new drive. Hurd still not on the field.

1:55:30 CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce, says that she has been standing behind Hurd for 15 mins. LaForce says that Hurd is showing no signs of injury and has not recieved any medical attention.

2:12:10 LaForce again reporting that Hurd has not received medical attention and that his absence from play is a coaching decision. Hurd is seen on sideline with helmet on.

Jones needs to clear all of this up. Was Hurd Benched or not?If he was benched then Hurd lied to his stepfather about what happened to him during the game. The coaches most likely punished Hurd for his mind boggling play with a second half benching and a week long suspension. Tennessee lied about him being injured.

If Hurd was not lying and had a concussion, then someone has got to be fired.

If Hurd came out of the game and never received any medical treatment that’s a big problem. Medical treatment includes the training staff asking, ” Are you okay?” LaForce said he was not receiving medical attention. Hurd told his father that he had a concussion. If this is all true then someone has to be fired. Jones, the training staff or both.

Concussions can be a career ending injury. If Hurd suffered a concussion, that is a monumental failure by the Tennessee sideline. It puts players health at serious risk. If you look at the video’s of Hurd on the sideline, the light of the sun is covering his body. He should have been removed from the field where doctors could have taken a closer look at him.

Most importantly, if Hurd suffered a concussion and Tennessee knew about it, Jones must be fired. This would be the likely sequence of events.

  1. Hurd receives  a concussion
  2. Tennessee training staff ignores him
  3. Tennessee lies about the injury.

That is completely unacceptable. Jones needs to explain what happened.




Tuscaloosa’s War Against Bama Fans, Capitalism, AirBnB

City of Tuscaloosa cracking down on residents who use sharing economy tool AirBnb


Matthew Tosh at

So you’re a fan of the University of Alabama football team living in Springfield, Mo, and you really want to see them play in the 2016 season. Life is short, on your bucket list is to see Alabama play at home, in Bryant-Denny Stadium. Now arrangements for any out of town trip can be difficult.

Your trip is Nov 12. Alabama will be playing Mississippi State in Bryant-Denny. The football team is heavy favorites; everyone expects Alabama to win. Stub hub has the average ticket price starts at $70 apiece, and you are taking your ex-wife and your four children who you have indoctrinated into Crimson tide fans. This is a bucket list trip you’re going to pay $170 per ticket so you’re not in the nose bleed section.

First you have to decide how you are going to get to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the location of Bryant-Denny Stadium. Are you going to fly in a plane, or catch a train or bus? You might even rent a car or bring your own. You are going to drive and it’s going to cost about $250. Your running total is $1,270.

Next you have to decided where you are going to stay. Obviously you can’t just drive all the way to Alabama and come right back to Springfield after the game, it’s an eight-and-a-half-hour drive by car. After the game your family will be too exhausted to travel. So you look for nearby hotels and they are completely booked. Sheesh. The ones that are not booked are really far away. Also the hotels are really expensive. A two-star hotel in Tuscaloosa, one bedroom, will go for $159. You have to stay somewhere; your family can’t travel all the way to Tuscaloosa to be homeless. So you decide you can cram everyone in a two-person room for $180 for one-night. Your total is now at $1,450.

Still you need worry about parking, dinner and memorabilia like a jersey, and the experience of Alabama downtown after a win. Remember you are only doing this once.

The ex-wife you never should have left, tells you about a site called AirBnB, where someone will rent out their entire two-bedroom house to you at $350 a night and the house is walking distance of the stadium. If you book one night, it will cost you $580. Two night at S982. “That is a hell of a deal,” you yell back to your ex in response. For one you are going to cut out hotel fees, dining fees because you will have a home and a stove so you can cook frozen cheaper food and it’s in walking distance of the stadiums.

You call the renters on the phone and gossip like middle school girls about your favorite team. And he has an even better deal. He is a season ticket holder and he has got six closer seats for you and your family. Plus, you talk him down 25% on the rental price with the condition that you stay two nights. OH MY GOD!!! New total with free tickets, plus the car drive and the two night stay along with food. $1,036. No hotel parking fees, no transportation to stadium fees, no parking near the stadium fee. All you need to do is get there.

So you’re excited and you make your plans. Then about a week before the game your renter calls you back and says that he can’t rent to you. The city of Tuscaloosa is cracking down on home rentals, especially from site’s like AirBnb. The city has notified your new Snapchat best friend that the will issue a them a fine for renting their home.

That is what is happening in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The city of Tuscaloosa is fining people for using social media to rent out their homes or Alabama football fans. Even though the renters never use Alabama likeness in their ads or say they are affiliated with the school, the city is going to crackdown on this practice.

According to report,  city officials claim that the temporary rentals are zoning violations. 

There is a logical reason why. Those practices hurt the local economy. Alabama plays seven home games throughout the year. Local business like; hotels, cab companies, parking lot owners, mom and pop shops, restaurants, bed and breakfast, all make the bulk of the year’s income during those seven home games, on those seven weekends. If people are coming to Tuscaloosa making private deals and avoiding all of those places, then it really hurts. It hurts the city that has invested in those businesses, and the taxpayers who dollars were spent on the creation of the hotels and downtown Tuscaloosa traffic.

Yet the fine hurts the Tuscaloosa home owner too. That person has a mortgage, car note, kids to send to school. That person needs the money just as much to keep living.

When Alabama plays football especially since Nick Saban has been the head coach (2007), those homes are worth far more. Nick Saban has coached Alabama to four National Championships.  So now it hurts the everyday man or women, trying to access a higher economic class. Most of the places listed on AirBnb are one bedroom apartments and two bedrooms one level houses.

Calling it a zoning violation is crap.

This fine is a betrayal to capitalism but a positive to the tourism industry. The tourism can behave like a monopoly and raise prices. More money goes to airlines, and cabs and parking lots. However, the average everyday people who live in Tuscaloosa who don’t have jobs in tourism suffer. Tourism won’t compete in the free market, making the industry weaker not stronger.  So it’s good for the city and tourism, but it kills the sharing economy.

What an awful time to be a Alabama fan.

Plant Your Flag: College Football Statement Weekend

Serious conference championship chasers could suffer a major upset soon if they don’t handle business against this weekends opponents.

It’s time to separate the pretenders from the contenders. This weekend in college football is all about the teams who are looking to acquire the momentum needed to win a conference championship.

Right around Halloween time, a lull begins to hover over college football players. To be fair, most people in the United States experience the same lull. This time of year in the American experience, with the new school year energy worn off and people settled into their new responsibilities at work  and new life style, life seems stale. Right now, Americans are looking toward the holiday season and making plans.

When people especially college football players, look ahead instead of focusing on the task in front of them, disaster strikes.

This weekend as well as next weekend, fans will get to see which teams around the country are focused. The teams that are focused will be playing in conference championship’s games, a month from now.

So the point is, really good teams are on upset alert this weekend. Here is who needs to stay focused or pay dearly.

Michigan (7-0)


The Wolverines will travel face their in-state rival Michigan State Spartans. After the heartbreaking loss the Wolverines suffered last year, one might assumed they are extra focused to avenge last years failure. The Spartans are underdogs to the Wolverines for Saturday’s game. MSU has a 0-4 record this year when playing Big Ten opponents. Michigan might be overlooking their opponent expecting an easy win. Nothing would make the Spartans happier than to beat the Wolverines and ruin the historic season they are having. Look out!

Nebraska (7-0)


Oh you didn’t know?! The Cornhuskers are undefeated. However, the only marquee win on the Huskers schedule so far is against Oregon, a game the Huskers won at home. Saturday they travel to Camp Randell Stadium in Wisconsin to battle the Badgers. The Badgers started off the season strong, but have lost two out of their last three games. What better way for the Badgers to get back on track then to defeat a undefeated team? This could produce some big momentum for the Badgers to run the table the rest of the way. If they can win out, the Badgers will be in a major bowl game in late December. What does that mean? About $14 million for the university.

West Virginia (6-0)


The Mountaineers are facing the toughest test of the season this year, and it’s a underrated Oklahoma State team. Don’t get blindsided by the Cowboys and receiver James Washington. Washington is a deep threat who should expect to hear his name in the first round of the NFL draft, whenever he enters. Coach Mike Gundy is looking to save his job this weekend as well. Even though his teams record is 5-2, the team suffered losses to Central Michigan (albeit controversial) and Baylor (undefeated), which is below expectations for a group of players this versatile. Gundy is looking for a big win to prove why he is the man that can get his team over the hump and win the Big 12 championship. This game will resemble a brawl.

Clemson  (7-0)


No one is more at risk of losing Saturday than the Clemson Tigers. The Tigers take on talent laden yet erratic Florida State. Clemson hasn’t performed like the dominant team that played for a national championship at the end of last year. Florida State’s defense has been awful this year, but a prime-time game against Clemson could bring together this FSU bunch to focus on a common enemy. Clemson better be ready for a bloody fight.

Villian Durant with Hero Curry Doesn’t Mix

Weak minded Kevin Durant can’t succeed in the presence of Champions like Stephen Curry

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?”- Holy Bible: Second Corinthians 6:14

Kevin Durant can’t lead the Golden State Warriors to an NBA championship. If the Golden State Warriors’ are going to make it back to the NBA finals they should really reconsider the role Durant will play.

This past summer Durant revealed to the world, that as a basketball player he is a insecure coward who is looking to cheat his way to an NBA title. How can a player as feeble as Durant, ever hope to fit in a hero’s stable with Curry.

Durant turns his back on Oklahoma City

Kevin Durant was the first overall pick in 2007. At 7’o tall, with a wingspan of 7’5, Durant has unbelievable scoring ability. Durant is a 50-40-90 player. Meaning he makes 50% from field goal range, 40% from 3-point, and 90% of field goals. Very few layers van acquire those statistics.

Durant is a outstanding talent who was on a amazing team as and a first class NBA organization, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

As a member of the Thunder, general manager lead by Sam Presti surrounded Durant  with plenty of talent needed to win the NBA championship.

Year after year, Presti drafted players like point guard Russell Westbrook, power forward Serge Ibaka and guard James Harden.  Presti had accumulated a collection of the best young talent in sports for Durant’s journey.

In June of 2012, it all seemed like it would work out for Durant and company. Durant lead his to all the way to the NBA finals, before stumbling to the Miami Heat.

Durant was not deterred because he knew someday soon he would lead his team to a championship.

After that series however, the team began to unravel around Durant.

In the summer following the NBA finals, James Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets because he and the team failed to agree on a  contract extension.

This was a big blow to the Thunder and Durant. Not only was Harden a vital piece to the OKC championship puzzle, but he improved a western conference rival immediately.

During the 2013-2014 season, injuries plagued the Thunder. Westbrook tore his right meniscus after a cheap shot by Rocket’s guard Patrick Beverly. He would miss the rest playoffs that year and a large portion of the following season.

In Westbrook’s absence Durant was able to lead the Thunder to much success but it was the playoff series loss to the Memphis Grizzlies immediately after Westbrook’s injury that damaged Durant reputation . The team lost the series 4-1.

It was the first time that Durant displayed the lack of mental fortitude to win an NBA championship.

In that series Durant was bullied by the Grizzles, he was shaken by the physical play style the team used. Durant, an ultra talented yet frail and skinny player was not physically or mentally tough enough to handle the challenge.

In the series verses the Grizzlies, Durant made only 24% of his field goals. In comparison, he shot 51% during the regular season.

Westbrook finally returned from injury in 2014 , but as a much improved player. Westbrook transformed from a weapon to help Durant, to Durant’s equal and the fans took notice. Westbrook became a crowd favorite, this made Durant incredibly jealous.

Durant missed most of the 2014-2015 season with a broken foot, and in his absence Westbrook flourished.

Westbrook became the NBA scoring champion and a FirstTeam All- NBA selection. Even though the team missed the playoffs, Westbrook revealed that he is a fighter that is willing to give tremendous effort to help his team win.

Unlike Durant who becomes fearful when faced with adversity, Westbrook sticks out his chest and fights back with the heart of a lion. Westbrook is a hero.

Durant returned the following year and the Thunder reached the Western Conference Finals to face Warriors. The team was ahead in the series 3-1, only to lose the series 4-3 .

It was a joint failure by Durant’s and Westbrook’s. However, Durant a true villain, blamed Westbrook for the team failing to reach the NBA finals. That’s why he made the decision to leave Oklahoma City for Oakland.

Durant signs with the Warriors

In true villain fashion Durant didn’t even give Westbrook the courtesy of telling him about his decision to his face.

Westbrook had a press conference on Aug 4, where he answered questions about how he learned about Durant signing with the Warriors.

“On the news, on the cellphones, the social media,” Westbrook said. “”I talked to Kevin early on in the process. But nothing after. Just a text message from him, that’s about it.”

Durant is so yellow, he couldn’t stomach telling his partner who he battled with for eight years to his face that he was leaving for a better opportunity.

Cowardliness not dastardly deeds is the mark of a true villain. Durant would have gained more respect if he would have kicked Westbrook in the face and thrown him through a glass window and then told him that he was leaving. Instead Durant displayed he had no guts and fled to a team that defeated his former team two months earlier.

Now Durant believes he can fit in with hero’s like Curry and Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Durant believes he can overtake Curry’s role as the leader of the team, something he could not do in OKC in Westbrook’s presence.

“I feel really grateful to play for a team like that and play with a bunch of players who are selfless and enjoy the game in its purest form,” Durant said. “They make it about the players, they make it about the environment, so it was really an easy choice.”

Don’t be fooled, when he says selfless, he means people who will step aside so he can be the lone star.

That won’t happen. Villain’s are not brave enough to go on a hero’s journey.