Daily Show Explores: Sexual Racism

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On the April 12th edition of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, comedians Jessica Williams and Ronnie Chang explore an issue of sexual racism. Sexual racism is when daters use race as a sexual or dating preference.

In the piece, Williams and Chang talk with a group of diverse minorities who explain the racial stereotypes they encounter while using online dating sites such as Tinder. Chang conducts his own experiment, where he swipes right on the Tinder app for a few days in a row, and finds no matches.

Sexual racism is not a new term. Samantha Allen of the Daily Beast wrote a article in September 2015 titled ‘No Blacks’ Is Not a Sexual Preference. It’s Racism. The article explores sexual racism in particular in the gay community, and uses research from an Australian study titled Is Sexual Racism Really Racism?  Pointed out in Allen’s story, is an analysis of the research, for example while people believe its okay to state a racial preference in dating, it’s not racism:

“Sixty-four percent of the men said it is acceptable to state a racial preference on an online dating profile, and 46 percent said these preferences do not bother them. Men who had experienced racial exclusion in the past were, predictably, more likely to report being bothered by it than men who hadn’t but, still, a staggering 70 percent disagreed with the argument that sexual racism is “a form of racism.” A majority of them perceived racial exclusion as “a problem” but were reluctant to attribute it to racism.”

The study was completed in January of 2015 and also points out a defense of racial preference, as the individual choice to select their partner of choice. The study was used to discover dating patterns of gay men in online communities.

“Other critiques of sexual racism draw on the deeply held value of sexual freedom—an individual’s right to select a partner of their choice—to question the limits that the label ‘‘racism’’ places upon individual desire”

The study also details why it might be hard for some to decipher racial preference in dating from racism.

“The way in which participants understand sexual racism appears to be related to offense or intentional expressions of perceptions of racism. While the majority of men we surveyed saw racism as a problem on sex and dating web services, over 70 percent disagreed with the idea that indicating a racial preference online is a form of racism.”

God of Style website did an experiment of their own to answer the question “Is Tinder racist?” Their conclusion was yes, saying that minority men have to clear a higher bar than other men.
“If you are a minority, you can compete at a high level with most normal guys in society by working out and having an edge. However, anyone who thinks that everything is fair and that racism doesn’t exist is ignoring reality.”
Carrie Weisman of Salon, wrote a Sept 2015 article about why dating sites have not been ethically questioned about their users’ racism. The article refers to OK Cupid founder Christen Rudder NPR, remarks detailing the difficulty blacks have on dating websites.
“Black users, especially, there’s a bias against them. Every kind of way you can measure their success on a site—how people rate them, how often they reply to their messages, how many messages they get—that’s all reduced.”
Beyond Ages website goes into detail about what particular groups do the best in online dating communities. Spoiler alert, white men do well. The Daily Show believes this is because the media displays whites as successful and happy. However, Beyond Ages research points out that everyone is biased toward their own race, especially women.
In a September 11 interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Tavis Smiley an American talk show host on PBS, quotes Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s notion of love saying:
“Love, that everyone is equally deserving just because.”
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The Daily Show tackles Trans Rights Opponent

Watch Daily Show Segment on Trans Rights

Jessica Williams and The Daily Show aired a thoughtful segment last night on the issues transgender people are now facing, after a week where GOP dominate states passed new discriminatory laws. In the segment, Williams points out the disturbing harassment a transgender person may face on a daily basis, and the irrational arguments of religious zealots, that oppose LGBT rights.





Governor Phil Bryant signed into law the Mississippi Religious Freedom bill into law. The new law says that it protects the,

“sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions of individuals, organizations and private associations from discriminatory action by state government or its political subdivisions.”

Supporters of the law say, that this law is necessary to protect religious beliefs that stand in opposition to the Federal Government’s recognition of same-sex marriages. The law essentially allows businesses to discriminate based on one’s sexual orientation or gender identity in areas of housing and employment. The law also affects wedding products, services, and goods. Mississippi goes further, now defining a person as a sole proprietorship, or closely held company, partnership, association, organization, firm, corporation, cooperative, trust, society, or other closely held entity. This allows businesses to act as individuals, who object to LGBT rights, to discriminate.

Bryan Dewan’s article on thinkprogress.com, points out how states like New York and Vermont have banned most states’ work-related travel to Mississippi.

North Carolina



The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act stipulates transgender people (and everyone else) to use public restrooms according to the biological sex on their birth certificate. It also bars local governments from passing ordinances like Charlotte’s. Charlotte city council passed a ordinance stating that businesses, can’t discriminate against gay, lesbian, or transgender customers, in addition to long-standing protections based on race, age, religion, and gender. The ordinance applies to places of public accommodation, such as bars, restaurants, and stores. It also applies to taxis.

An excerpt from Nina Martin’s article on MotherJones.com, takes more rights away from United States citizens who identify as LGBT. It says:

“Tucked inside is language that strips North Carolina workers of the ability to sue under a state anti-discrimination law, a right that has been upheld in court since 1985. If you were fired because of your race, fired because of your gender, fired because of your religion,” said Allan Freyer, head of the Workers’ Rights Project at the North Carolina Justice Center in Raleigh, “you no longer have a basic remedy.”

Wednesday night’s edition of The Daily Show focused entirely on this issue. Catch The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, on Comedy Central Monday through Friday at 10 p.m. Central Time.


Rapper/Actor Eve Making A Comeback


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Recently, rapper/actor Eve took to Twitter to announce she will be releasing some new music for the first time since 2013. Eve’s last chart-topping hit was Gangsta Lovin’ in 2002 featuring Alicia Keys. Eve is well known for tracks such as, Who’s That Girl, Love is Blind, and Let Me Blow Your Mind. 

Watch Eve’s Who’s That Girl Video

Eve will co-star in the latest Ice Cube Barber Shop movie franchise, Barbershop: The Next Cut, which will be in theaters April 15. The cult classic returns with hip-hop stars like, Nicki Minaj, Common, and Tyga. Also making the cast, powerhouse comedians, Cedric the Entertainer, JB Smoove, Regina Hall, and Lamorne Morris.

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Comedian Stephon Hightower: Don’t Assume

Stephon Hightower Stand Up

Young St. Louis comedian Stephon Hightower is tired of being taken for granted. Check out this five-minute stand up, from the Blueberry Hill club in St. Louis, where he tells it like it is. From gas station clerks to old people, Hightower pulls no punches.

April 22, in Peoria, Illinois, at the Chemistry Lounge, will be the next time you can see this rising star on stage. Hightower will grace the stage alongside Jason Jenkins and other comics, as part of the Jason Jenkins and Friends Hometown Addition show. The show will start at 8 p.m. and tickets are now available for $15, just call 309-219-3708. Also, FTFMG and Archie Words, will provide music to go along with a night of fun.