Superbowl Dream matchup for Belichick

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Patriots Bill Belichick ecstatic about Falcons offense.

Rough, cruel, dismissive, jerk are the common adjectives to describe the public persona of Bill Belichick. Since 2000, the Patriots coach image has been marred by the media because of his behavior at press conferences. This behavior includes Belichick refusing to answer questions, glaring at reporters to signal his displeasure with a question that was asked. At times repeating the same answer over and over after a loss.

Belichick was also infamous for his hoodie. His hoodie always had cut off sleeves, and it looked like it had been dried outside hanging from a wire. Not exactly the sharpest article of clothing to wear while in front of 60, 000 people  fans in addition to the 20 million people watching at via satellite.

Whether it was the hoodie or the rude behavior at the press conferences, Belichick is not fazed by how this has shaped his reputation. However, It’s all planned, Belichick does none of this by accident. He is trying to send a clear message that his only concern is winning.

This Sunday, Belichick has a chance to collect his fifth Vince Lombardi Lombardi trophy by winning the Superbowl. Standing in his way is the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons offense was ranked number one in the regular season, and tied for seventh all time. Led by Quarterback Matt Ryan and wide reciever Julio Jones.

Julio Jones

Dynamic, explosive, potent are conservative adjectives to describe the Falcons offense. Falcons running back Devante Freeman described his offense perfectly,

“We can do whatever we want,” Freeman told PFT. “Pick your poison. It’s on us to execute. We’re grown men. We’re going down there for one reason and one reason only. And that’s to handle business.”

Belichick knows that’s not trash talk. Freeman is telling the absolute truth. Belichick is going to have his hands full when coming up with a game plan to slow down the Falcons.

The Patriots defense has given up the fewest amount of points this season, yet they weren’t tested by an offense like the one that the Falcons posses. Not mention the Patriots don’t have a lot of stars on their defense that compare to the stars on the Falcons offense.

“I’d say the stamp on the team, the thing that I would notice the most is just the speed, the team speed that the Falcons have,” Belichick told reporters Tuesday in a conference call.“They look like they’re faster than almost every team they play.”

In 2016, the Falcons ranked 1st in points (33.8 per game), 2nd in yards (415.8), 3rd in passing yards (295.3), and 5th in rushing yards (120.5).

The Falcons offense not only matches up well against the Patriots, it seems to be overwhelming. Jones, Muhammad Suna, Freeman, and Tevin Coleman have shredded defenses all year.

Devin McCourty, Rob Ninkovich, Malcom Butler are players with good reputations around the National Football League. However, they aren’t perceived as the best at their positions. Jones is regarded as the leagues best receiver.

Devin McCourty

Certainly the Patriots posses a high powered offense of their own, led by Quarterback Tom Brady. Brady is a candidate for MVP honors along with Ryan of the Falcons. The Patriots offense, without tight end Rob Gronkowski, is a matchup nightmare for the Falcons defense.

Belichick however, is known as a defensive prowess. In the late 80s and early 90s, Belichick made a name for himself as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants. Belichick’s defense was led by Hall of Fame Linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

Taylor was maybe greatest defensive player to ever play in the NFL. Taylor and Belichick guided the Giants and coach Bill Parcells to wins in the 87′ Superbowl and 91′ Superbowl.

On Sunday, Belichick won’t have Taylor to disrupt the Falcons offense, putting the Patriots defense in a quagmire. How does that make him feel privately… Giggity.

Don’t be fooled, the Patriots defense is undermanned on purpose. Belichick has relished the chance, year after year to dismantle his team to add personal excitement.

Does anyone really believe that Belichick somehow forgot that Hall of Fame players like Taylor, help win the Superbowl. Of course not, but the same routine  year in and year gets mundane, even for Belichick.

In the last year the Patriots has dumped star Linebackers like  Jamie Collins, Chandler Jones, as well as Vince Wilfork. Collins and Jones has problems, but so did Taylor.

It’s not that Belichick has gotten tired of winning, or is looking to sabotage his team. It’s more arousing this way for him.

Going against this Falcons offense, undermanned, is just the challenge the Belichick has been searching for.

This risky behavior comes at a price. A loss on Sunday would have even the most loyal of Patriots friend questioning the hoodie.

Even a death stare won’t make those questions go away.


Falcons 42- Patriots 35

Devante Freeman (24) Matt Ryan (2)

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