Hurd’s Exit Open’s Vol’s Concussion Controversy

Jalen Hurd’s Stepfathers Facebook Post Prompts New Questions

Jalen Hurd announced Monday of his intentions to transfer from the University of Tennessee. Tuesday night, Hurd’s parents released statements via social media that raised eyebrows.

Arthur Smotherman is Jalen Hurd’s stepfather, here some of his comments.

“The truth of the matter is, Jalen Hurd had a concussion at the Georgia game,” Smotherman said. “It didn’t happen on the end zone play, it happened in the beginning of the third quarter when he fell on his head. He didn’t think he was hurt, he went back in the game – he realized that he was hurting more than he thought. So they didn’t put him back in the game the rest of the game as part of concussion protocol.”

Okay, Hurd left the game because he suffered a concussion. Smotherman said the play didn’t happen in the end zone. The concussion occurred sometime early during third quarter.

This story is not making sense.

Here is what everyone seems to agree on.

  1. Jalen Hurd transferring from Tennessee is connected to how he was treated during Georgia game on Oct 1.
  2. Jalen Hurd did not finish the game.
  3. CBSSports reported that Hurd would miss the game against Texas A&M the following week, due to lower leg injury.

Here is the full CBS telecast from the Georgia- Tennessee game courtesy of You Tube.

Tennessee VS Georgia

We will use this video as our Zebruter film. Take a look at these crucial points in the video to get a clear view of what took place.

49:00 The start of the play where Hurd makes the costly fumble. Coach Butch Jones skin turns red as he shouts, “What are you doing!”

1:24:50 Hurd catches touchdown pass from QB Joshua Dobbs.

1:34:00 After Georgia offensive possession, Tennessee starts new drive with Hurd on sideline. Drive ends after three plays.

1:41:00 Tennessee starts new drive. Hurd still not on the field.

1:55:30 CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce, says that she has been standing behind Hurd for 15 mins. LaForce says that Hurd is showing no signs of injury and has not recieved any medical attention.

2:12:10 LaForce again reporting that Hurd has not received medical attention and that his absence from play is a coaching decision. Hurd is seen on sideline with helmet on.

Jones needs to clear all of this up. Was Hurd Benched or not?If he was benched then Hurd lied to his stepfather about what happened to him during the game. The coaches most likely punished Hurd for his mind boggling play with a second half benching and a week long suspension. Tennessee lied about him being injured.

If Hurd was not lying and had a concussion, then someone has got to be fired.

If Hurd came out of the game and never received any medical treatment that’s a big problem. Medical treatment includes the training staff asking, ” Are you okay?” LaForce said he was not receiving medical attention. Hurd told his father that he had a concussion. If this is all true then someone has to be fired. Jones, the training staff or both.

Concussions can be a career ending injury. If Hurd suffered a concussion, that is a monumental failure by the Tennessee sideline. It puts players health at serious risk. If you look at the video’s of Hurd on the sideline, the light of the sun is covering his body. He should have been removed from the field where doctors could have taken a closer look at him.

Most importantly, if Hurd suffered a concussion and Tennessee knew about it, Jones must be fired. This would be the likely sequence of events.

  1. Hurd receives  a concussion
  2. Tennessee training staff ignores him
  3. Tennessee lies about the injury.

That is completely unacceptable. Jones needs to explain what happened.




Author: 6wrightwriter

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