Drinking can’t help College Football Depression


There was a time, I could drink my cares away
And drown out all of the heartaches
That hurt me night and day
When the thought of you came crashing through
I’d have one more
But now the whiskey ain’t workin’ anymore- Travis Tritt

Thank you Travis, I couldn’t say it better myself. Last week was a tough week for me after watching college football. Depression bombarded me like an exuberant dog licking my face. It was so awful, only now I can summon the strength to to express my displeasure with the state of major college football.

I started to feel the need for some alcohol when the University of Houston lost a tough match-up to Navy. A triple option team like Navy is always a tripping point for most college football teams. It is so rare to see a traditional triple option attack in today’s pass dominant college football game. Yet the better teams in the country routinely pass that test and Houston could not.

Navy won 46 to 40, which might be the most disappointing aspect to this story. Houston gave up 46 points and three pass completions for two touchdowns in the loss. Their defense did not show up and certainly I believed it was much better than that.

Houston has virtually no shot at getting in to the playoffs now. Even if they were to defeat Louisville, even as a one loss team they wont overtake a big five conference team in the rankings.

Right now I see Ohio State, Clemson, Washington and Alabama as the playoffs teams. Don’t forget Baylor is undefeated. Houston would need a lot of things to change starting this weekend.

Whiskey would not have been a good enough remedy for the agony I felt when Texas lost to Oklahoma. After the game Charlie Strong was given the dreaded vote of confidence by school Athletic Director Mike Perrin.

“I support Charlie Strong. He’s my coach. He’s a friend. I respect him as a man,” Perrin said Friday, meeting with a small group of reporters in Dallas.

A vote of confidence usually leads to a coach being fired at the end of the year and Strong deserves it. It just hasn’t worked for him at Texas. He has not assembled good enough players or a  coaching staff. Strong has not delivered on expectations. Certainly his tenure at Texas should not be considered a failure but it will be remembered as a disappointment.

Adding insult to injury, my Hurricanes from Miami lost to Florida State. The Seminoles blocked a Canes extra point attempt to win 20-19 in a victory over their arch rivals.

It wasn’t enough that I wasn’t getting the chaos that I was praying for in college football but I had to be reminded of the irrelevancy of the Canes. Miami used to be home of the greatest college football program ever and now they are a footnote on the road to the national championship.

It wasn’t a good weekend for me and now all I have to look forward to is rivalry week. At least there is a last opportunity for all hell to break loose. Until then I’m going too need a few shots and a fifth. Hopefully it starts working.




Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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