Giants: Trade Beckham Jr for Landry

The New York Giants football team could make an upgrade, by trading star receiver Odell Beckham Jr to the Dolphins in exchange for receiver Jarvis Landry.

Beckham is a sensational football player. Beckham at only 23 years old has already established himself as the games brightest star. As a receiver Beckham’s stats are unprecedented. In 30 of a possible 35 games, Beckham has caught 206 passes, for 3,035 yards and 25 touchdowns. He is undoubtedly the best receiver in football since entering the league in 2014.

However, that is all Beckham is. He is only 23 and in his third year in the NFL, but his behavior so far would indicate that he is only interested in those stats. The more stats he acquires, the more famous he becomes thus feeding his already enormous ego.

The question the Giants should ask themselves when concerning Beckham, is he the type of person that can galvanized this team to a Superbowl? Beckham’s answer to this point; NO. His best friend Landry is the person who can.

Now Beckham in the beginning of his career seemed like a true competitor. In his first game as a pro, Beckham caught the go ahead touchdown pass in the fourth quarter during a win against the Falcons. That catch was a real defining moment for Beckham. Catching that pass at such a pivotal moment, helped Beckham achieve the role as Eli Manning most important target. Beckham’s next defining moment came on another catch.

After defeating the Falcons, the Giants lost seven games in a row. In the week 12 Giants loss at home to the Dallas Cowboys, Beckham discovered how to win while losing. At MetLife Stadium live on Sunday Night Football, Beckham made a spectacular one handed touchdown catch. What many seem to forget about that memorable play, was the catch happened 8 seconds into the second quarter. The touchdown and subsequent point after extended the Giants lead 14-3. In the game Beckham caught 10 passes for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns, before losing to a division rival. Instead of being peppered with questions about the loss which at that point was 6 in a row, Beckham was met with praise. The press was in a hurry to let him know that the world was now paying attention to him. Beckham responded as any 22 year old would, he reveled in his new found starlight.

Since that catch, Beckham has been the subject of endless internet memes and commercials. Beckham’s football jersey is the number one selling jersey of any NFL player. With his newfound attention, Beckham has continued to live up to the hype. However, just looking at Beckham’s stats and jersey sales would be an incomplete evaluation of him as player. In case anyone forgot football is a team game, and by anyone I mean Beckham.

Beckham has always been a self- centered teammate. Before games, Beckham goes through his pregame warm up with sunglasses on and headphones around his head. Don’t be fooled in believing Beckham is just getting ready for the game. He is a master performer putting on a show for the cameras that are running. His routine has become part of the pregame television shows, providing Beckham with more attention. To be fair to Beckham, the camera’s are on during pregame activities at all stadiums. To give Beckham credit however, he is the only one who is making it must see T.V.

Pregame warm-ups aside, Beckham’s selfish antics are prevalent during the game. Beckham is known around the league for his out of control behavior. When he struggles to get open, he begins to attack the covering defensive back. One game in particular was a 2015 loss to the Patriots. Malcolm  Butler, a undrafted free agent cornerback who made a far more significant catch in the Superbowl, shut down Beckham. With six minutes left in the  first quarter, Beckham scored an 87 yard touchdown while being covered by Butler. Over the next three quarters Beckham was limited to 3 catches for 17 yards.

During the game Butler was subjected to babysitting a Beckham temper tantrum. Beckham after numerous plays would slap Butler, hit him in the back, and try to start a fight. This is certainly not typical behavior by any football player. Even physical linemen who hit and push opposing players after the whistle, don’t do it all the time. This is a pattern of behavior, and it was on display when he ran helmet first into Josh Norman during the Giants Panthers game later on in 2015. Beckham’s actions that game warranted multiple personal foul’s from the officials. In response the league suspended Beckham and had to create a rule, which would retroactively eject players for receiving multiple personal foul penalties.

Beckham’s child like tantrums don’t end on the field. They quickly carry over to the sideline.  Where the often overly emotional Beckham is crying, cussing out his teammates, and slamming his helmet.

It would be easy to give him a pass for his behavior by citing his age. Yet, his childhood best friend and college teammate Landry doesn’t have these issues.

Landry who is also 23, has been a a great football player and teammate for the Dolphins. Landry has never missed a game since being drafted in 2014 along with Beckham. Landry has caught 225 passes for 2,290 and 10 touchdowns.

Landry is more versatile than Beckham. While Beckham only has 8 rushes and returned 21 punts, he has never returned a kickoff.  Landry has rushed the ball 22 times for 125 yards and a touchdown. He has also returned 63 punts, one for a touchdown, and returned 47 kicks for 1,275 yards. Landry has also completed a pass for nine yards, Beckham threw a pass but it fell incomplete. Since he has played his first game for the Dolphins, Landry has played for three different coaching staffs. Adversity doesn’t seem to phase him the way it brings Beckham to tears.

Landry’s stats are not the only thing to be desired. Landry provides great leadership. Landry was wearing a microphone for the 2015 season opener against the Washington. Landry can be heard and seen in the video version going up to teammates encouraging them to be great. He is also seen during the video celebrating with teammates after big plays. With all the cameras focused on Beckham, no video of Beckham exists of him doing the same.

These two are virtually a carbon copies of the other. Landry and Beckham are listed at 5’11 and Landry weights 206 lbs to Beckham who is 198. Odell’s 40 time is 4.43 while Landry was clocked at 4.77.

So if the Giants swapped Landry for Beckham they would be giving up some speed, but they would gain much more in leadership and team comradery. Landry should not be given up on as a deep threat though. Landry plays with Ryan  Tannehill, who lacks significant arm strength and a offensive line that can hold off pressure for longer passes. Eli Manning is averaging 8.6 yards per completion, Tannehill’s avg is 7.8.

If the Giant’s are willing, they could upgrade their locker room by trading Beckham for Landry. Beckham could go to Miami and be a star on South Beach, which he might prefer.  Landry could be really show off his talents on a grand stage, and even be the next great NFL role model.



Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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