Shameless Free Content

Recently I learned the difference between what is legal and illegal. When I started this website, the goal was to to create a fun media platform that I could one day make money from. I asked friends and family for advice, and one friend in particular addressed a concern she had.

The original idea for this site was to create a news website, to address issues that was important, and insightful. I also really wanted to address news that I believe, was inappropriately ignored  by the world around me. So my strategy, was to provide content that you the viewer would be interest in, get you hooked, and finally suffocate you, in the important news or issue.

Then  my friend who I was asking advice from, informed me that some of the videos and pictures I was using was in fact, illegal. It didn’t matter if I credited the source or not, it was illegal. I was putting myself in serious jeopardy of being sued. Thanks Buddy!

So after going through and taking down all the stuff i stole, I’ve been looking for free content using public domain sites. The goal is to find content that can help this website become more entertaining. Its harder than it looks.

It’s very hard to find great free stuff that will capture someone’s attention. However, until I obtain the proper permission slips, this will do.

With that being said I now bring to you a shameless free video, that hopefully will bring more viewers in.

X-ray ‘Echoes’ Map a Supermassive Black Hole’s Environs





Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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