“A profound design process eventually makes the patron, the architect, and every occasional visitor in the building a slightly better human being. – Juhani Pallasmaa

Few hyperboles are inappropriate to describe LeBron James. He may be the most perfectly designed basketball player ever. James can take the worst of teams from the bottom of the standings, to the NBA finals. As an athlete, he is certainly a king, blessed with God’s undeniable favor. Playing basketball professional basketball is certainly his calling in life, and he has more than lived up to expectations.

James will embark on his sixth straight NBA finals, and unfortunately for James it will be another disappointment. Not because of his ability, James has unbelievable basketball talent, but because of his faith in himself.

James obstacle has been his greatest gift. In spite of all the circumstances, James can drag an organization kicking and screaming to the NBA finals. Which is incredible, the problem is when they reach the finals, they are still an organizations with flaws that even James can’t mask.

James may be built to win an NBA finals, but the Cavs from top to bottom are not.

David Griffin is not an empowered General Manager, James makes all the final roster decisions and everyone knows it. Even though the best player in the world interest, should be kept in mind when the franchises decides on major moves, Griffin should have the final say. The organization is designed for him to have the final say, and he doesn’t.

When it came time for David Blatt to exit the organization, it wasn’t because Griffin wanted to make the move, it was James decision. Tyronn Lue was already the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA under the first year head coach. This should have been a huge warning to Blatt that his time was going to be short in Cleveland. It wasn’t until James could no longer tolerate Blatt’s perceived incompetence, that Blatt was shown the door.

Apparently Lue wasn’t in favor of the move then it happened according to Chris Hayes at Cleveland.com.

“This is fucked up, Griff. Lue pleaded with Griffin, arguing for several minutes that firing Blatt was an excessive move for a team carrying a conference-best 30-11 record. Griffin listened to Lue’s pleas. When they ended, he told Lue the decision has already been carried out.”

Blatt was fired with a 30-11 record, the best in the Eastern Conference. Griffin gave big deals to players James supported like Tristan Thompson (which he should have), but James was involved.

“Things need to be worked out from his side and the Cavs but we need him back. He’s an important resource,” James told the Northeast Ohio Media Group.

James may be a great business man, but he shouldn’t and should not have to worry about players, roster development, and the coaching. His job is to play.

Not to forget about the roster, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are not exacly the cream of the crop. Irving and Love were not winners before James returned to Cleveland. Those two were stat sheet stuffers on bad teams. Irving best year as a solo artist with the Cavs, was a 33 win season in 2013-2014.

Love did only a little better, with a 40 win season as a member of the Timberwolves. Neither man could lift his team to the playoffs.

Now they are of course better with James, but they are not difference makers at winning time, Irving and Love don’t know how to. Those two only know how to keep up the on camera soap opera, which usually accompanies by a dysfunctional NBA franchise.

Even if James is right about everything, he is losing the war over the war for the Larry O’Brien trophy, before the games begins because he can’t focus on just playing.

During the 2012 NBA playoffs, when James was still looking for his first NBA championship, he decided he would stay off social media and began reading the Hunger Games. Not well known to the public is that James and the Miami Heat at the time were having a rocky relationship.

James in Cleveland had been used to preferential treatment, in regards to his family and friends. In Cleveland his family had preferential parking, could sit next to him on the bench, and James could even ride in different planes with his friends and family. Pat Riley put an end to all of that.

James family had to sit on the other side of the arena, and James had to use the team plane to travel. All of this was used by Riley to keep James as part of the team, and not an over empowered force… and it worked. James turned inward, and began to find an outlet, like reading, so he could focus on the game. James said so himself in Sports Illustrated.

“I think about a lot of shit,” James agrees. “Sometimes too much. But then I try to remember what I learned from the great Pat Riley: What is the main thing? Because the main thing has to be the main thing.”

James may believe the main thing in Cleveland is winning an NBA championship, but that’s not the case. He is far too concerned with the organizational duties and believes his talent can just take care of the rest. It won’t, because organizations win NBA championships not players.

Stephen Curry, does not worry about anything other than playing well. Does he worry about who the head coach is, or how his family travels? Nope he lets the people responsible do the job they have been assigned. Curry recognized Steve Kerr for putting together the staff that helped them win 73 games.

“I’ve enjoyed this year more than any other,” Curry said. “I think you’re a huge reason why we are here today, so thank you very much for being you and putting together this great staff that’s sitting over here.”

“We play for a first-class organization,” Curry said, “and you have to appreciate that. I love coming to work every day.”

That’s the reason the Warrior’s will become consecutive NBA champions, everyone in that organization plays apart in winning. That’s the way the Celtics, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers, and all the other great teams have done it. The players and the front office are exceptional at their jobs. The Cavs have one exceptional player, but it won’t be enough


Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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