American Voter’s need to look in the mirror at Hilary Clinton



Human Waste and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is not a reflection of so called “American Values”. He is not a manifestation of core American frustration with congress, or the non-establishment candidate voters have been clamoring for. Trump is the nuclear option, and Hilary Clinton should become the next president. If you have a problem with that, then you the voter or non-voter only have yourself to blame.

Trump is attractive for only a few substantive reasons.

Republicans and Democrats suck. The 112 and 113 Congress earned the distinction as the least productive in U.S. history.  Not to mention the inability for either side to compromise, and pass any meaningful legislation. Both parties are using, what has become tired rhetoric to justify not solving problems. Senator Clinton represents these problems far more then Trump does.

Clinton is being criticized by young conservative voters, for remaining married to former U.S. President Bill Clinton for political reasons. She also uses an accent when she travels through southern states, and she answers questions, in a very phony political way. For example, Clinton gave this answer in Kentucky, as to what role her husband will have in her administration.

“In charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it, especially in places like coal country and inner cities”, Clinton said. It’s not as much the answer but how she delivered it that makes people cringe. Her body language reeks of over political congressman speech, which is followed usually by inaction.

Trumps, says he will deport Mexicans and build walls, and use nuclear weapons. While those ideas are repulsive, they are explicit, and sound nothing like the establishment party ideas. That’s what makes him so attractive, his willingness to be his awful self, unlike Clinton.

The things Trump says matches the actions people want to see.

If a voter is watching cable news, and buys into the constant narrative of terror, Trump makes sense. Everyday, the 24-hour news cycle panics the public which missing planes, and viruses. Not to mention the constant bickering, disguised as debate, between two individuals that make no point. If the TV news wants you to believe that Muslims are coming to kill Americans, and Trump talks about deporting all Muslims, then why wouldn’t people vote for Trump?

Democrats and Republican have allowed their party to be overrun by the 24 hour news media rhetoric. When that happens the party establishment shouldn’t be surprised when a candidate represents those ideas captures the attention of the media, as well as the viewers.

Trump is a nuclear option

The biggest reason voters like Trump is because they want to change the entire system overnight. It’s safe to say, not everyone is thrilled with the two candidates for president, but it’s not the party or the candidates fault. Voters and non-voters have refused to seriously engage in the voting process, on the state and national level. After decades of this process, more and more of the private party candidates have won elections, instead of the people’s choice.

Clinton not Trump is the face of what American voters really desire. For the party to select who they feel is most qualified, so voters don’t have to think at the polls.

If voters really want change, they should wait until 2020, so candidates from different parties can emerge. A Trump presidency will not fix any problems. Voters should look in the mirror, suck it up and get through the next four year.


Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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