Commentary: Missouri House Advocates For Rapist

Missouri Republican State Representative, Tila Hubrecht, stood front and center in a Thursday press conference to explain why, bill HJR 98 would be on voters ballet in November.

Hubrecht along with bill sponsor Mike Moon (R-Ash Groove), also offered a explanation for the controversial comments on abortion, Hubrecht made earlier in the week.

Hubrecht believes God has plans for some women to become pregnant through rape, calling the pregnancy a silver lining.

“When God gives life he does so because there’s a reason, no matter what,” Hubrecht said. “Sometimes bad things happen, horrible things, but sometimes God can give us a silver lining through the birth of a child.” Because, yeah, rape sucks, but there’s nothing like nine months of living with your rapist’s baby growing inside you to help you get over it!”

Hubrecht, who has been serving District 151 since 2014, tried to back pedal on Thursday.

“The baby did nothing wrong, the woman did nothing wrong; the man who raped the woman is the one who done something wrong,” Hubrecht said. “More violence is not the answer to a rape.”

Not only are those comments in no way makes Hubrecht appear less foolish. Clearly the rep from Dexter, MO has no comprehension of her silver lining comments. By saying, ” God gives life”, justifies the rapist actions, using God’s authority.

Also by calling abortion violence, Hubrecht is criminalizing the rape victim.

Hubrecht has been on a personal mission to restrict abortion right across the state. In the 98th General Assembly, 1st Regular Session, Hebrecht sponsored seven bills. Six of those bills were connected to abortion rights.

It’s truly amazing that the voters of Dexter would allow someone so manic and disgusting, like Hubrecht, to represent them. Women like Hubrecht do however, destroy the stereotype that men are the ones activity restricting women’s rights.

Moon’s comment only made things worse, invoking the NAZI reference, while talking to the Kansas City Star.

“The silence of those who want to protect the unborn is similar to the silence of Germans who stood by and allowed Jewish people to be slaughtered by the Nazis”, Moon said.

“What this does is put Missouri in a position to be the most pro-life state in the country”, Moon said.

Moon also compared abortion to slavery, comparing the Dred Scott decision to Roe vs Wade. Moon is a crazy coward, along with the two other male members of the house. On Thursday, they took to hiding behind a self hating female, and ridiculous incoherent rhetoric, to disguise themselves from being labeled sexist. It didn’t work.

HJR 98 or the personhood bill,  will outlaw most forms of abortion in the state. Many states with abortion restrictions, allow for abortion in cases of; rape, incest, and life of the mother being endangered. If the bill passes, that will no longer be the case in Missouri.

The bill will also bans contraceptives, such as the pill, Plan B and IUD’s.

These idiots  are not smart enough to realize that this law will only make abortion more dangerous, not less likely. People are not going to stop having sex. If a unwanted pregnancy occurs, because its unwanted, the female will likely try to have an abortion.

A faster and safer way to stop abortion, is stopping people from getting pregnant. Providing contraceptives, sex-education and educating women is far more likely to stop abortion. Laws restricting abortion clinics and abortion services on encourage people to become more innovative, and that is the danger.

Voters in Missouri will have to decide on Novembers ballet whether, this Republican lead man hunt, on individual rights to make the best choices for themselves, will succeed.

Voters who want to advocate for the right to life should look to science, to create a male version of the pill. In most cases, males  can always impregnate a female. So why not limit the fertility of sperm? If Missouri can create the pill first, they can sell it as cereal and stimulate the economy .

Bills like this put all the blame for the unwanted pregnancy on females, by limiting their options.

As for the Hubrecht  and dumb sons, they have proven, that they can’t be trusted with expanding the rights of Missourians. They seem to forget not all Missourians are Christians and faith is a choice. Not something that should be forced upon others… you know like rape. Please Go Away!

Christians should not be aligning themselves on the same intellectual and moral side of rapist.


Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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