Commentary: Laremy Tunsil Enemy Proves the NFL Still Ignores Science


Laremy Tunsil’s draft night was almost ruined, probably still was. A video of him using a gas mask to inhale a substance, that no one has confirmed was marijuana, was posted to his twitter account a few minutes before the draft began.

Now this story, is not about someone clearly attacking this kid, and trying keep him from living his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. Which clearly was going on, if your taking bets, put your money on the stepdad and his friends.

This is about the NFL teams that passed Laremy Tunsil and reportedly took him off their draft boards. Most teams with a little research and common sense, could have figured out, Tunsil was probably using marijuana. The video had to be old, and he passed all his drug test.

NFL teams and any employer, should be concerned if they have rules that are blatantly ignored. That’s a sign, the potential employee doesn’t respect the process. Rules are rules based on experience, not just for a reason. However, this rule is based on corruption and stupidly, science clearly wasn’t a factor.

Marijuana, for the most part a harmless substance. It’s a can cause someone to hallucinate and have anxiety. Marijuana can also help relieve stress and physical pain, which of course young people, especially athletes experience regularly. That’s pretty much it, and medical professionals and scientist are barely allowed to explore the plant, from a scientific process.stock-photo-weed-386320651

Now it’s time to take the gloves off, the NFL bans marijuana for two reason, first lack of information by the decision makers. Second and most importantly, pharmaceutical companies who are in bed with NFL doctors and teams.

Those companies would rather have players overdosing on painkillers and alcohol, after repeated head blows to the head. Why would any adult who had thorough information on marijuana and its side effects have such strict restrictions?

Money, congratulations you guessed it. If you don’t think pharmaceutical companies pays the NFL, like they pay doctors to recommend certain prescription medications, you’re fooling yourself.

Marijuana is much safer than alcohol, which the NFL serves in stadiums, far from walking distance. It also has fewer side effects then prescription medication, which can ruin organs.

Pharmaceutical companies, much more than your local government doesn’t want marijuana legalized. It would cut off streams of revenue in a hurry, especially the antidepressants.

Thank God, for the Miami Dolphins. Who were probably sitting there thinking, “Do these other teams know what choke is? This kid is a good decision maker, at least it’s not choke.” For those who have never heard of South Florida, cocaine is big in Miami. Cocaine in the great words of Warren Sapp,” will make you steal from your mama.”

Marijuana is already becoming more and more legal nationwide, making it harder for people to use old rules about the substance. Marijuana is getting to the point where drug test from employers are becoming less frequent, and bordering states are at least addressing the issue, for medical purposes.

To be clear, marijuana and alcohol is not worth millions of dollars. If it means that much to you, to smoke weed rather than get paid, it’s time to get help.

To the NFL however, it’s time to get a grip. The NFL is a billion dollar organization, they can pay for unbiased scientific research and implement a quality solution. Yes, kids are watching and it’s of dire importance to send a good message.

It’s also important to teach kids to listen to fact based information.

Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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