For Wrestling Fans: What Culture Wrestling

Brian Wright

Top 10 WWE Bloodiest Matches by What Culture Wrestling

Depending on the type of wrestling fan you are, the video you just watched was like finding a diamond in the closet at work, or eating forbidden fruit. Whatever you think about it, the people producing these videos shed light on some behind the scene of wrestling operations. Also they discuss  opinions about story lines and make really cool lists.

Top 10 Brock Lesnar

The information can’t be trusted as fact, but it seems to be on good authority and research. Videos are up regularly and the view counts are always in the millions. Other places on YouTube where you can find adults discussing professional wrestling like children include; epicsports, Hot Vidz (Wrestlers shoot interviews), Awesome Wrestling Interviews, just to name a few.

Top 10 Hulk Hogan

Shoot is a wrestling term for real, to better understand this concept, the term work is used to describe something that’s fake.

Top 10 Triple H

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