Brian Wright

April 5 will mark a special day for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball program. If they win tonight, the program will have its 11th National Championship.

It’s a pretty big deal, but what makes it an even bigger deal is that the Huskies are already 10 for 10 in National Championship games, so tonight would make it 11 for 11.


No sport could really put this in comparison like the WWE, when the Undertaker went 21-0 at WrestleMania before finally losing in to Brock Lesnar. Wrestleania is the biggest stage in that profession, like the Superbowl, World Series, or World Cup.

So on the biggest stage tonight, the Huskies are playing for an undefeated record in their version of the World Series or Superbowl, and that streak is now in the double digits.

To compare, check out the longest championship winning streaks by teams in other sports.

Current Superbowl Winning Streak: New York Giants 4

Current NBA Finals Winning Streak: Chicago Bulls 6

Current World Series Winning Streak: Boston Red Sox/ San Francisco Giants 3


Not to mention Geno Auriemma teams have won 9 championships since 2000. Tonight’s team will be lead by Breanna Stewart, who with a win tonight, will have won a National Championship every year she has attended UCONN.


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