Slow Loris: How it can be your pet

Slow Loris eats rice

Brian Wright

The cute and cuddly Slow Loris is found in South Asia, and seems to be a desirable pet, and why not, just look at those big brown eyes. Animal lovers want this adorable and furry animal pet, even though it has a poisonous bite. This animal has small poisonous teeth and its babies are covered in poison to ward off predators. Also, don’t touch this animal while its in a ball, because its still dangerous.


HOW DOES THIS BECOME YOUR PET? details the process on how these animals become pets.

  1. Capture: Thousands are captured and sold illegally. Usually, the entire family is captured together.
  2. Teeth cutting: Remember those deadly teeth? They have to be removed, usually with wire cutters or pliers and non-anesthetic. Note a lot of these animals will bleed out in the process.
  3. Transportation: In small cold crates, the Slow Loris is moved to its new owner. The crate is usually poorly ventilated, and the animal has a mortality rate of 90 percent.
  4. stock-photo-slow-loris-male-walkking-night-in-the-line-390306178.jpg

If you are willing to go through all of that, then you may be willing to live in a dark room. A Slow Loris is nocturnal- which means sunlight is painful.

Also according to International Animal Rescue, on why these animals are not good pets.

  • They like to travel long distances… long, which means a cage is not a good idea.
  • Most people can’t keep up with their complex diet of fruits and insects
  • They are still venomous and the poison can cause anaphylactic shock and even death in humans.
  • It’s illegal to have them as pets
  • Slow Loris face a serious risk of extinction

Truth is , no matter how bad you want one, they are not pets and you will do far more harm than good. Hilary Hanson of The Huffington Post details the origin of the video above and the cruelty in which these animals are treated. The best advice is to just leave them alone.


Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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