Commentary: Laremy Tunsil Enemy Proves the NFL Still Ignores Science


Laremy Tunsil’s draft night was almost ruined, probably still was. A video of him using a gas mask to inhale a substance, that no one has confirmed was marijuana, was posted to his twitter account a few minutes before the draft began.

Now this story, is not about someone clearly attacking this kid, and trying keep him from living his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. Which clearly was going on, if your taking bets, put your money on the stepdad and his friends.

This is about the NFL teams that passed Laremy Tunsil and reportedly took him off their draft boards. Most teams with a little research and common sense, could have figured out, Tunsil was probably using marijuana. The video had to be old, and he passed all his drug test.

NFL teams and any employer, should be concerned if they have rules that are blatantly ignored. That’s a sign, the potential employee doesn’t respect the process. Rules are rules based on experience, not just for a reason. However, this rule is based on corruption and stupidly, science clearly wasn’t a factor.

Marijuana, for the most part a harmless substance. It’s a can cause someone to hallucinate and have anxiety. Marijuana can also help relieve stress and physical pain, which of course young people, especially athletes experience regularly. That’s pretty much it, and medical professionals and scientist are barely allowed to explore the plant, from a scientific process.stock-photo-weed-386320651

Now it’s time to take the gloves off, the NFL bans marijuana for two reason, first lack of information by the decision makers. Second and most importantly, pharmaceutical companies who are in bed with NFL doctors and teams.

Those companies would rather have players overdosing on painkillers and alcohol, after repeated head blows to the head. Why would any adult who had thorough information on marijuana and its side effects have such strict restrictions?

Money, congratulations you guessed it. If you don’t think pharmaceutical companies pays the NFL, like they pay doctors to recommend certain prescription medications, you’re fooling yourself.

Marijuana is much safer than alcohol, which the NFL serves in stadiums, far from walking distance. It also has fewer side effects then prescription medication, which can ruin organs.

Pharmaceutical companies, much more than your local government doesn’t want marijuana legalized. It would cut off streams of revenue in a hurry, especially the antidepressants.

Thank God, for the Miami Dolphins. Who were probably sitting there thinking, “Do these other teams know what choke is? This kid is a good decision maker, at least it’s not choke.” For those who have never heard of South Florida, cocaine is big in Miami. Cocaine in the great words of Warren Sapp,” will make you steal from your mama.”

Marijuana is already becoming more and more legal nationwide, making it harder for people to use old rules about the substance. Marijuana is getting to the point where drug test from employers are becoming less frequent, and bordering states are at least addressing the issue, for medical purposes.

To be clear, marijuana and alcohol is not worth millions of dollars. If it means that much to you, to smoke weed rather than get paid, it’s time to get help.

To the NFL however, it’s time to get a grip. The NFL is a billion dollar organization, they can pay for unbiased scientific research and implement a quality solution. Yes, kids are watching and it’s of dire importance to send a good message.

It’s also important to teach kids to listen to fact based information.

In Defense of Lemonade


Matt Walsh of The Blaze, wrote a review of Beyonce’s album, “Lemonade.” Walsh titled his story, Beyonce is Destroying Your Daughter, Not Empowering Her, which is certainly an eye-catching title and sets the tone for this engaging piece.

Beyonce released the album over the weekend and it’s already caused quite a stir from its’ listeners. “Lemonade” has opened the door to cheating rumors between Beyonce and her husband Jay Z, to fill social media as well as the 24-hour news cycle.

Walsh’s take was an attack on the values presented in the music and the artist, and reduces both to cliches. He also reduces Beyonce from a feminist icon to an immoral brand of commercialism. Walsh writes:

“This is the advantage of being a feminist sex icon in modern America. Everything you do and say will become the greatest thing anyone has ever done or said, that is until the next thing you do or say. Beyonce does not occupy this category alone, but due to her race and her dancing ability, she stands at the pinnacle of it.”

Well, not everyone sees Beyonce as a feminist icon, that’s for each individual to decide. Also, being a feminist has nothing to do with whether you like Beyonce’s ability to dance or like black people. Walsh forgets something valuable – not everyone is a fan of Beyonce’s music. She’s a very distinct voice, sound, and genre, and certainly she is allowed to cater to the fans who are interested.

“Never mind that “Beyonce” is more a brand than a person. The lady herself is a person, but what’s presented to the world is a carefully constructed and marketed product. It’s a narrative, a story, a walking and talking fantasy novel for girls.”

Of course Walsh. What point are you trying to make? Beyonce is not the inventor of Apple computers, she is an entertainer. People pay to see her, and in public she is the loudest piece of advertising that money can buy. How is that any different from a quarterback or politician? It’s called being the face of the franchise. Is Beyonce a fantasy novel for young girls? If so, who? Yes, Beyonce is extremely popular. She is probably the most well known entertainer on the planet, but not every young girl is a fan. For instance, some boys grow up interested in sports, while others are interested in cars. It’s not fair to say that all boys are have a fantasy of becoming Peyton Manning.

Finally, Walsh gets to the point in his article, the fact that Beyonce’s music is called empowering.

“It would be merely absurd, not necessarily dangerous, for a woman to feel “empowered” by these rote pop song platitudes. Unfortunately, in Beyonce’s case, when her lyrics aren’t warmed-over and cliched, they’re vulgar, ugly, manipulative and destructive. Often they’re all five of these things at once. Granted, many pop songs are profane, mind numbing garbage, but considering Beyonce’s status as Pagan Goddess of Secular America, her garbage is all the more toxic.”

It’s not absurd to say that someone can feel empowered by the music Beyonce produces. Music is a form of expression, and if a listener feels a emotion and the artist expresses that emotion, then the listener might feel empowered to buy that artist music. The problem some people have with Beyonce is how she expresses herself or others, and that simply does not matter.

The great entertainers, especially actors, convey feelings so well viewers think those feeling are happening to the actor at the very moment. It’s not however, it’s just a show. But the ability to make those feelings feel real is the sign of a great entertainer and artist.

Walsh doesn’t take into account one thing: why girls and women are connecting with Beyonce. Maybe because they actually feel the same way.

“It truly boggles the mind that mothers (and fathers) would be enthusiastic about their daughters marinating their minds in this bile. I understand, in today’s culture, it’s exceedingly difficult to insulate children of a certain age from this kind of stuff, particularly if they go to public school (which is another argument for homeschooling). But the sad truth is that many parents don’t see any reason to even attempt to shield their daughters from music that encourages them to “bounce to the next d*ck.”

Does any of that really matter? Not to make assumptions, but Walsh might also have a problem with touchdown celebrations. Picture an arrogant fan who sits in the stands and thinks, “Why does he have to act like that, just hand the ball to the ref.” That fan didn’t just score a touchdown, so what right does the fan have, to tell the player how to feel.

If any person is angry, and chooses to express their anger by using words, poetry, or music, thank God. If a couple is having a dispute, and one member of that couple decides to write an album about it, rather than use physical domestic violence, this country should throw a parade. Music, like movies, tells stories that provide an outlet, not a blueprint. Those who choose to use that excuse as a defense for committing terrible crimes, have lost the battle in the court of law.

Walsh, like Beyonce, is allowed to expresses himself in as many ways as possible. They are just not allowed to dictate to others on how to do the same.



The Right to Deny because of Religious Beliefs

Brian Wright

Missouri State University student, Andrew Cash, filed a lawsuit Tuesday after he dismissed from the master’s counseling program at MSU in 2014. Cash refused to counsel gay  couples, based on his religious beliefs.

Cash was released from his master’s program while he was doing an internship at the Springfield Marriage and Family Institute. W.K. Boyce, the supervisor of the program, gave a class presentation, at Cash’s request, on Christian relationship counseling. That’s when the trouble for Cash began.

The following week, MSU internship coordinator Kristi Perryman, had a meeting with with Cash to discuss his refusing to counsel gay couples. Perryman informed Cash, that by refusing, he violated American Counseling Association’s code of ethics. Perryman told Cash he could not continue his internship at the Christian-based organization.


Cash claims in the lawsuit, he was being targeted for expressing his Christian worldview. This case has some very interesting components.

First, MSU allowed a student to participate in an internship program, without checking to make sure the program met the standards of the ACA. Cash also admitted to refusing to counsel gay couples, but he never denied counseling services to any gay couples. He sought out and enrolled in a program where he could reasonably avoid gay couples and maintain his religious beliefs. Finally, while Cash’s preferences are clearly discriminatory, should the school have allowed him to finish the program to accommodate his religious beliefs?

To clear up any confusion, the first question that must be answered is,”Is a counselor considered a physician or one who provides physician services? Yes, according to the United States Department of Labor website. The definition reads,

“By statute, the term “physician” includes surgeons, podiatrists, dentists, clinical psychologists, optometrists, osteopathic practitioners, and chiropractors within the scope of their practice as defined by state law.”

Psychologists are specifically defined as having three qualities: being licensed or certified, possessing a doctoral degree, and having two years of supervised experience.

Jeesica Dweck’s article on Slate, First, Do No Harm to Your Political Party, reported how Florida doctor Jack Cassell discriminated against potential patients. Cassell taped a sign to his door, that was directed toward President Obama supporters, to “seek urologic care elsewhere.”

That sign was a violation of the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics Opinion 9.012, which will certainly be considered in the Cash lawsuit. The opinion goes as follows:

“Under no circumstances should physicians allow their differences with patients or their families about political matters to interfere with the delivery of high-quality depositphotos_3790125-Judge-gavelprofessional care.”

It’s important to remember that the AMA is an association, not a legal institution, which Cassell was not a member. Cash is not currently known to be a member of the ACA, and that itself is a club, not a legal institution either. Section C.5 of its code of conduct title non-discrimination states:

“Counselors do not condone or engage in discrimination against prospective or current clients, students, employees, supervisees, or research participants based on age, culture, disability, ethnicity, race, religion/spirituality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital/ partnership status, language preference, socioeconomic status, immigration status, or any basis proscribed by law.”

The code is not required by law, and while Cash does run a serious risk of losing his license, the scenario does seem unlikely. Cash was volunteering at a church that promotes it’s Christian values. Gay couples would be unlikely to even approach the church for marriage services.

A big unanswered question is, even though Cash intended on practicing discriminatory services, did the school lawfully remove him from the program based on a club’s values? Also, if a person chooses to discriminate and can find work where their religious obligations can be met, should the state be actively try to change that person’s value?

The public can still choose not to use the services with the power of the dollar. If the customer has the right to choose who they buy from, are they also allowed to dictate to private businesses what services they can provide?

Suzanne Shaw a spokesman for MSU, said the university prohibits discrimination. Cash has hired Thomas Olp of the Thomas More Society, which represents clients on pro-life and religious freedom issues.



Prince Found Dead at 57


Rogers Nelson, more famously known as Prince, died Thursday in his home in Paisley Park. He was 57 years old.

Watch Prince at the 1985 American Music Awards.

Nelson was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was a resident of the Gopher state most of his life. Nelson was known for giving birth to the unique Minneapolis sound. Nelson won seven Grammy awards in career, and also starred in the cult classic film Purple Rain.

Nelson used creativity, fearless risk taking, and fashion sense to carve out his own place in music history.

Nelson reported feeling ill in early April and postponed two concerts in Atlanta, citing the flu. Nelson was rushed to the hospital earlier this week, forcing his plane to make a emergency landing. He was released after a short stay.

Watch Prince with join James Brown and Michael Jackson on stage.

Nelson is most known for his complete albums, such as Purple RainAround The World in a Day, Sign of The Times, 1999. His singles success includes, Little Red Corvette, 1999, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, Kiss.

The cause of death has not been official determined.




Joanie Laurer: Former WWE Star Chyna Dies at 46


Former professional wrestler Joanie Laurer, famously known to her fan’s as Chyna, has died at age  46. Laurer became popular around the world during her time working for the WWE in the 90s. Laurer was paired with current WWE executive, Paul Levesque and former professional wrestler Shawn Michaels, in  the group was called DX. Chyna stood out. It was the first time a nationwide audience saw a woman, with all those muscles, display such strength.

Laurer picked up the nickname as the “9th wonder of the world,” because it was hard for most people to rationalize how a woman could hang with such big men in a combat job. She was truly a trailblazer for women and wrestlers alike.


After pro-wrestling, Laurer gained additional fame as part of the VH1 reality show The Surreal Life, and Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Laurer was most notably enjoying working as an adult film star.

No official cause of death has been determined at this time.

How Bad is the Flooding in Houston?


Brian Wright



The city of Houston has been rocked by major flooding that hit the area last weekend. At least five people have been killed and over 1,000 homes have been turned into swamp ground.

According to USA Today, four of the deaths were caused by people driving cars into flooded roads. The 8.8 trillion tons of water has already caused $5 billion in damages. Governor Greg Abbott has declared Houston and the nine surrounding counties a state of disaster.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, is asking residents with shuttles to return to their home and pick up belongings that are salvageable. As of Tuesday, at least 6,500 people are still without power. This number is down from a peak of 123,000. Drivers were forced to abandon 2,500 cars.


Robert Ferris, of CNBC, interviewed Texas A&M professor Samuel Brody, who explained how this historic flood could have been avoidable.

“Pavement, to me, is the problem,” Brody said. “Pavement is impermeable—it does not absorb water. When rain falls, or when ocean waves drive seawater onto land during intense storms, the water simply collects at the surface.”

So, when it rains in the forest, the water can trickle down in the Earth, like a drain. On top of concrete however, the water can’t go anyway, so it just sits on top of the pavement. What’s worse is when the wind picks up, the water will move, but roads and sidewalks cover cities, causing more damage. Water quality is also affected because the sediment in the water is carried to wherever the water is dumped. Learn more by clicking this link.

Relief efforts are underway, including the Red Cross who is sending volunteers including Shaun Kieran and Bob Melaragno of Maine to help with relief efforts. The American Red Cross does have shelters and are in need of staffing. Those interested in helping should call 713-313-5491. Houston Rapper Bum B, is sending out information through social media, to residence of Greenpoint, on where they can get shelter and water.

Watch flood area captured on by drone video.

Commentary: Dana White is at fault for Conor McGregor’s Fake Retirement


All this chaos is the result of Dana White’s ego, no doubt about it. Fan’s who are irate because Conor McGregor isn’t fighting at UFC 200, should focus all their attention on Dana White.

White announced yesterday that McGregor would not be fighting at UFC 200 pay-per-view because of his refusal to fly to Las Vegas to film a promotional commercial for this event.  White spoke on ESPN’s SportsCenter about his decision.

“Conor did not want to come to Las Vegas [this week] to film the commercial or be a part of any of the marketing that we have. He’s in Iceland training and [not participating in the marketing] is not possible. This has only happened one other time in UFC history.”

For the most part, White is correct. White is the boss, McGregor is the employee. White has the right to tell McGregor what to do. White, understandably, can’t allow other fighters to call their own shots once they become popular. It sets a bad precedent and harms the sports for every overnight sensation to hold the UFC hostage.

In this case however, White is wrong, and if you agree you’re wrong too.


Watch Jimmy Johnson: A Football Life. In this piece, he tells his players upfront that he’s going to treat the best players like royalty, and the rest like royal pains.

There is a funny story about Michael Irvin (pictured above with Johnson), where Irvin got into a loud and verbal argument with a Special Teams coach in training camp in front of fans, media, and the rest of the team. The altercation was close to getting physical, but no discipline came to Irvin over the incident. The Special Teams coach’s job would have been in jeopardy if he didn’t let it go. Why? Johnson had a clear philosophy on the matter – the team needed Irvin a lot more than they needed another Special Teams coach.

No matter what you hear, this is about White not understanding he needs McGregor a lot more than he needed a commercial. This is not about Joao Carvalho, a Mixed Martial Arts fighter who died on April 12th following a TKO loss, any insinuation of that is disrespectful to the life of Carvalho and his family.

White’s problem is that he let his ego get in the way of calling McGregor and asking him to do the commercial when it was convenient for him. White is supposed to give the fans what they want, and the fans want McGregor. Without McGregor, White won’t get what he wants – people paying to see the UFC event.

McGregor’s last three fights have registered as three of the four largest ticket sales in UFC history. His last three fights have grossed $25,307,897 combined, and he doesn’t get all of that money. McGregor is not Floyd Mayweather; he has a boss (White) who gets most of the money. So White couldn’t send a camera crew with a producer and a green screen to Ireland, so McGregor could say a few lines.

UFC is a business whose stars are changing constantly. One properly placed punch or kick can make or break a career. White knows this. White has modeled the UFC after Vince McMahon’s WWE. It’s so obvious, with the storytelling and entrances, and how the company is run. McMahon has a famous saying though, “get the match in the ring.”

White needs to do just that. McGregor won’t fight for the next 50 years, but with good health, White will still be in charge of the UFC. Now, everyone watching should take this whole thing with a grain of salt. It wouldn’t be the first time a fight promoter used a publicity stunt to sell tickets.

It’s strange when the promoter casts themselves as the idiot.

Watch Conor McGregor Highlights