US Government just as responsible as Wounded Warrior Project for mistreatment of Veterans



CBS has released a news investigation in the possible corruption of the Wounded Warrior Project charity. Former employees have come forward to express their disappointment with how the charity has used the money they’ve received. However, charities like the WWP have not been the only system that has failed the brave men and women who put their lives on the line for their country.


Arizona senator and former presidential candidate John McCain, along with fellow Arizona senator Jeff Flake, looked into the Defense Department’s spending of taxpayer dollars, and what they hoped to reveal was that the Pentagon paid up to $6.8 million to a professional team for military tributes. For the most part, from 2012-2015, a member of the military was honored and his story was exploited by his bosses in a paid-for recruitment effort in front of thousands of fans. What was believed to be heartfelt acknowledgement of the sacrifices of soldiers was nothing more than a ploy.


As questionable as those tactics were, the federal government had a bigger problem on its hands — Veteran Affairs.


National attention of VA came around 2013 when comedy host Jon Stewart criticized President Barack Obama for failing to fix the problems with the VA. At the time, the system was still being run on paper, despite a surge in funding. And even when the VA switched to a computer system, the system couldn’t communicate with the Department of Defense.  


Even worse, the VA has been denying disability claims from former soldiers who once had 100 percent approval for the federal government themselves, launching itself in another backlog of appeals.


Maybe the most disgusting way the United State has shown their appreciation for veterans is by deporting them. Veterans of the Iraq War have been deported for things such as minor marijuana offenses.


Veterans also have also had an even harder time finding jobs. As stated in a CNN article published in November of 2013, since 2011, the unemployment rate of veterans was at 10 percent, three points higher than the national average. That doesn’t mean people are not trying to help. Organizations such as Hiring Our Heroes are holding free job fairs to try and correct this problem in places like Austin, Texas, a place that has nearly 40,000 veterans.


It’s time to address these problems, and what better time to do that than a presidential election year? However, most of Americans are caught up in the words coming out of Donald Trump’s mouth. As deserved as the criticism coming the way of the WWP, there are more people directly responsible for how the veterans of the US have been treated.

Author: 6wrightwriter

News Journalist and entreprenuer

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